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How to Meditate: Meditation 101 for Beginners

10 Science-Backed Benefits of Meditation

What is Meditation?

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Deep dive talks

Deep dive talks

Cory Muscara

Tips for Deep Sleep

Talk · 11 mins4.4
Melli O'Brien

Switching to ‘Being Mode’ for Better Sleep

Talk · 15 mins4.6
Vidyamala Burch

Cory & Vidymala Explore Finding Inner Peace

Talk · 83 mins4.8
Shamash Alidina

Melli & Shamash Explore Transforming Your Relationship With Anxiety

Talk · 50 mins4.7
Rich Fernandez

Cory & Rich Explore The Habits of High Performance

Talk · 49 mins4.7
Cory Muscara

Becoming an Attuned Parent

Talk · 15 mins4.7
Kelly Boys

Cory & Kelly Explore Emotional Resilience in Adversity

Talk · 70 mins4.6
Rhonda Magee

Cory & Rhonda Explore The Healing Power of Self-Compassion

Talk · 61 mins4.2
Melli O'Brien

How a Non-Judgmental Mind Transforms Us

Talk · 16 mins4.9
Joseph Goldstein

Mindful Living & Overcoming Common Obstacles

Talk · 49 mins4.9
Dan Siegel

Technology, Mindful Business & Leadership

Talk · 40 mins4.9
Cory Muscara

Equanimity: The Highest Happiness

Talk · 11 mins4.9
Ruby Wax

How Mindfulness Can Create a ‘Sane New World’

Talk · 33 mins4.8
Melli O'Brien

Understanding Unconditional Love

Talk · 19 mins4.8
Melli O'Brien

Why Self-Compassion is Your Superpower

Talk · 17 mins4.8
Jack Kornfield

Integrating ‘Spiritual’ Life with Daily Life

Talk · 23 mins4.8
Rick Hanson

The Neuroscience of Mindfulness

Talk · 46 mins4.8
Kristen Race

Mindful Parenting

Talk · 37 mins4.8
Shamash Alidina

Practical Tips on Being More Mindful

Talk · 56 mins4.7
Dan Harris

From Skeptic to Meditator

Talk · 24 mins4.7
Dan Goleman

Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence

Talk · 29 mins4.7
Melli O'Brien

Are You in the Exhaustion Funnel?

Talk · 12 mins4.7
Cory Muscara

Six Dimensions of Life

Talk · 12 mins4.6
Cory Muscara

Thoughts on Self-Care

Talk · 11 mins4.6
Melli O'Brien

How to Hardwire Your Mind For Happiness

Talk · 12 mins4.6
Judson Brewer

Mindfulness for Addiction

Talk · 36 mins4.6
Jon Kabat-Zinn

The Deeper Dimensions of Mindfulness

Talk · 69 mins4.6
Mark Coleman

Cory & Mark Explore Freedom From the Inner Critic

Talk · 62 mins4.6
Rich Fernandez

How to Bring Mindfulness Into Your Work

Talk · 54 mins4.6
Lori Deschene

The Power of Authenticity

Talk · 25 mins4.6

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