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What we stand for

We know that times are uncertain and that life can feel overwhelming. We envision a world where everyone has access to mindful mental fitness tools that can help us navigate change, cultivate resilience, compassionately serve one another, and build thriving lives and communities.

About us

Like most good things, Mindfulness.com was born out of a lifelong friendship, and a shared desire to create a more kind and conscious world.

​​In 2014, mindfulness teacher Melli O’Brien and tech entrepreneur Matt Dickinson joined forces with one purpose in mind: To empower people to realize their fullest potential through the transformative power of mindfulness.

They wanted to find a way to make these time-tested mindfulness tools approachable, accessible, and practical for people to use in their everyday lives.

They decided to test the waters by creating a global mindfulness conference where people could gather and learn.

What they wound up creating was the world’s largest mindfulness conference: 40 of the most globally respected mindfulness teachers, a community of more than 300,000 people, thousands of transformed lives, and hundreds of thousands raised for mindfulness-based charities.

They officially launched Mindfulness.com in 2020.

Today, Mindfulness.com is a global hub for the mindfulness movement run by a small, scrappy, enthusiastic team of creators, tech wizards, teachers, and marketers who are committed to the vision of a more mindful world.

Our mission is alive in three main components:

  • the annual Mindfulness Summit,
  • the website as a library of educational resources,
  • and the app — with over 2,000 practices, meditations, talks, courses, playlists, nature soundscapes, and more.

We’re grateful to be on this journey with you. Thank you for your ongoing support!

Our story

Some of our biggest milestones (and where we hope to go)

Matt and Melli team up to create the first Mindfulness Summit.

Mindfulness.com is officially launched!

Mindfulness.com has grown to a community of over 1 million.

New practices are being added to the app every day, partnerships are blossoming, and we’re excited to serve a growing global community.

Giving Back

Supporting each other is core to who we are. Whether its helping people meditate daily or donating to a range of mental health charities.

1.5 Million

minutes meditated every month


donated to charities


scholarship subscriptions to people in need

The Founders

Matt Dickinson

Co-founder, CEO

Melli O'Brien

Co-founder, Teacher

Our Team

‘Work’ at Mindfulness.com is not just about creating the highest quality products, it’s about trying to embody mindfulness in everything we do, while having loads of fun along the way.

We’re Sydney-based, but our team members hail from all over the globe, including Australia, the US, England, the Philippines, and Chile.

We’re teachers, coaches, developers, programmers, marketers, designers, travelers, artists, and tech wizards.

And we believe that more mindfulness makes a better world.

Friends of Mindfulness.com

The App That's Changing Lives

5 stars

4.9 stars with over 1M+ users

A daily companion which helps me focus on being the best version of myself.

- Kate

5 stars

Like having a calming best friend talking to you & helping you to resolve your issues.

- Ali

5 stars

A fantastic resource on mindfulness that has helped me to transform my relationship.

- Siobahn

5 stars

It helps me to sleep better. When I hear “relax to sleep,” I really do fall asleep quickly after.

- Vanessa

5 stars

It's nourishment for my old soul—easy listening, calming, relaxing, and gives me a positive good feeling.

- Kristina

5 stars

With meditations and sleep sounds, my little guy is falling asleep faster.

- Lauren

5 stars

Taking 15 minutes out of the day to savour the quiet is deeply rewarding.

- Nstie

5 stars

Gives you tools to deal with tough situations (in daily life or in the past).

- Leentje

5 stars

Appreciate the down to earth teachings and high quality meditations on the app.

- Mel Louise

5 stars

In short, it’s brilliant and I hope millions more people can experience it.

- Andy

5 stars

Daily videos, meditations & Cory's Happiness Course helped me deal with anxiety.

- Sol

5 stars

During a painful personal experience, I can’t put into words the impact it had.

- Grace

5 stars

Before this app it was hard for me to fall asleep, but now I sleep much better.

- Izzy

5 stars

Allowed me to have a better relationship with myself and those around me.

- Marty

5 stars

I’ve become less reactive in general, most importantly with my children.

- Kay

5 stars

The meditations on anxiety and confidence have been huge for our daughter.

- Matthew

5 stars

Melli has a beautiful way of guiding and reminding us of the stillness within.

- Adrienne James

5 stars

Great meditations that have a calming effect. Melli's voice is soothing.

- Deborah UK

5 stars

Highly recommend to reduce stress and anxiety or improve overall mental health.

- Kirtus

5 stars

One of the best mindfulness apps around, I bought a lifetime membership.

- Joy

5 stars

A quick, easy, and reassuring way to calm and refocus your anxious mind!

- Bonnie

5 stars

Helps me build more mental focus and understand my thought processes.

- Oku

5 stars

I have enjoyed the app and love how the meditations are backed by science.

- Lydia

5 stars

Loved Cory’s Finding Happiness and Melli’s Basics of Mindfulness courses.

- Norma no mates

5 stars

I LOVE the layout of the app and the daily meditations recommended for you!

- GraceLoveTiger

5 stars

Cory is a wonderful guide on your journey through meditation and mindfulness.

- Humanfrst

5 stars

Mindfulness.com has finally made meditation stick for me as a daily practice.

- Anne Walters

5 stars

Mindfulness made for everyday life

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Find the mindfulness resources that fit your needs, schedule, and goals.

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