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Bring mindfulness to your workplace

Add mindfulness-based stress reduction to your employee perks!

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How it works

Mindfulness Plus+ is meditation and mindfulness coaching made easy for organizations who value their employees’ wellbeing—in and out of the office.

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active meditators who use our mindfulness resources, customize their experience based on their needs and interests, and participate in our community

500+ hours

of daily mindfulness messages, guided meditations, talks and courses, music, and soundscapes — all available in our extensive library


mindfulness teachers, authors, and speakers who are on the leading edge of mindfulness research and are passionate about helping others in their mindfulness journey

24/7 Access to Unlimited Mindfulness Coaching

With Mindfulness.com as your partner in employee wellbeing, your employees can access a library of 300+ meditations, mindfulness talks, meditation, happiness courses, and more—with the click of a button anytime, anywhere.

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Employee Benefits For Modern Teams

In the office or working remotely, today’s workforce looks a lot different than it used to—and so should their health benefits. Join the movement of forward-thinking companies saying YES to modern benefits with a focus on mental health.

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Send stress an OOO memo.

More mindful workplaces enjoy better communication, improved work satisfaction, less work-related stress and anxiety, and fewer sick days. Introducing mindfulness practices shows employees that their wellbeing is a priority — and it has a positive ripple effect on your business.

Healthier Employees, Better Business

Increased productivity at work starts with healthier, happier employees—and it starts with just 10 minutes a day of mindfulness.

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Stress Less, Sleep More

Meditations and micro-practices to help employees improve their wellbeing by reducing stress and anxiety, building resilience, and getting better sleep every night.

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Mindfulness.com—Your Partner in Corporate Wellness Initiatives

What’s included in an annual subscription:

  • New daily mindfulness coaching to start your day.
  • 300+ meditations and micro-practices for less stress and more calm anytime, anywhere.
  • Sleep tab with nature sounds, meditations, and soothing music for better sleep.
  • Breathing exercises for in-the-moment relief.
  • Music and meditations to boost performance and focus.
  • Community challenges and courses to build the foundations of mindfulness and meditation.
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Kind Words From Healthier, Happier Subscribers


I start every day with Cory or Melli for my daily practice.


A quick, easy, and extremely reassuring way to calm and refocus your anxious mind!


You get a lot of useful tips for handling stress and anxiety in 'real life'.


I’ve used Insight Timer and Headspace for years, but now this is my go to app.

Experience a more mindful workplace for yourself.

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If you subscribed to Mindfulness Plus+ and are unhappy with your purchase, please get in contact with us within the 30-day period and we’ll refund your purchase.

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