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2022 Un-Challenge: Permission to Be Human

Feb. 1-8, it’s 7 days of instruction + meditations on the transformative power of self-acceptance.


Your Daily Mindfulness Coach

Feel the support of a daily 3-minute coaching video to help you feel calmer, safer and more capable.


Daily Guided Meditations

Select 5, 10, 20 or 30 minute versions to help manage stress, sleep better and strengthen your mental wellbeing.


Sleep Deeply At Night and Feel Refreshed and Energised in the Morning

Find an entire collection of our meditations specifically designed to help you sleep better.


Comprehensive Library

100’s of guided meditations, talks, and longer courses to improve sleep, calm anxiety, and help forge a resilient life.

Meet Your Daily Guides

Melli and Cory’s daily encouragement provides the support and friendship for you to realize your fullest potential.

Meet Your Daily Guides

Melli and Cory’s daily encouragement provides the support and friendship for you to realize your fullest potential.

Melli O'Brien

Melli O'Brien

Melli is the co-founder of Mindfulness.com and host of The Mindfulness Summit, the world’s largest mindfulness conference.

Cory Muscara

Cory Muscara

Cory is a former monk, mindfulness advisor for the Dr. Oz show and an instructor at the University of Pennsylvania.


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The App That’s Changing Lives

Thousands of people are bringing balance into their everyday life.

five stars

Wonderful daily companion for cultivating mindfulness

This app has become an essential part of my daily life. I love the daily words of wisdom followed by meditations. The app is very easy to navigate and customize to your own interests and needs. Thank you!

melodia8, 06/18/20

five stars

My Favorite Mindfulness App

I love this app! I love waking up, rolling over to my phone, and instead of scrolling the news or my email, watching a daily mindfulness video from Cory or Melli. I have honestly loved every one of the daily meditations, I keep favoriting them because each one shares valuable insight in a thoughtful, calm, kind way. I recommend this app to friends all the time.

IronCupcake3000, 06/22/2020

five stars

I love this app!!!

It's so easy to use and so accessible. There's no reason NOT to meditate!

JulieLSquires, 12/03/2020

five stars

Very Soothing and Experienced

This is one of my top 3 mindfulness apps. I’m a psychologist and I use the app myself and recommend it to clients. Melli and Cory have different voices and approaches to their meditations and I love them both in different ways. This is the app I turn to when I want to feel calm and loved.

Ab2844, 11/26/2020

five stars

It's making me a better person

I started this couple of months ago at the same time I started a behavioral modification program for changing my diet and losing weight. I'm really enjoying both the Mindfulness discussion upfront and the meditation that follows. I consider a time and money very well spent indeed.

Dr Cyberquack, 09/12/2020

five stars

Mindfulness brings peace

This app helps reconnect me to a practice that is very calming and occasionally transformative. We live in changing times (always!) and taking 15 minutes out of the day to relinquish the mental popcorn machine and svor some of the quiet time that is always available within is deeply rewarding.

nstie, 08/28/2020

Let’s Usher In An Age of Mental Wellness

We stand side-by-side with those suffering systemic inequities by providing funds to non-profit organisations who are bringing mindfulness to communities in need. We’ve donated over $750,000, and it’s only just the beginning.

Your Mindfulness Practice Changes Lives

When you upgrade to Mindfulness Plus, we donate a portion of our revenue to non-profit organizations who are bringing mindfulness to people in need. To date, we’ve donated over $750,000 to mindfulness nonprofits around the world including Holistic Life Foundation, Prisons Mindfulness Institute, and Mindfulness Without Borders.

Everyone Deserves the Tools to Live a More Mindful Life

We believe everyone has the right to the healing power of a mindfulness practice—and money should never be the reason why someone can't access the tools, support, and community to benefit from it. With Mindfulness.com, if you can't afford the Mindfulness Plus subscription, please send us an email, and we will unlock a free year for you to enjoy.

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