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How to Meditate: Meditation 101 for Beginners

10 Science-Backed Benefits of Meditation

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Train your mind, change your life.

We believe in a world where everybody has access to the life-changing skills of mindfulness.

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Thousands of people are bringing balance into their everyday life.

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I really appreciate the blend of down to earth teachings and the high quality meditations on this app. It’s totally unique. It brings more calm, confidence and happiness into my life every day.

Mel Louise

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One of the best mindfulness apps around, I bought a lifetime membership.


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Learn the art of mindful living

With over 2,000 mindful practices to train your brain, you’ll learn how to use mindfulness in your everyday life from a beginner to a seasoned expert.

Stress less, sleep better, deal with anxiety

We’ll guide you through from the very beginning with dedicated daily mindful meditations 365 days a year and best in-class courses to support your needs.

Taught by the experts you love

You’ll be able to practice with world leading mindfulness teachers from Cory Muscara to Tara Brach and Melli O’Brien.

Ease Anxiety


Here to help with all aspects of life

Mindfulness has been shown to be just as effective at helping improve quality-of-life as other leading therapeutic techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and SSRI antidepressants.

Ease Anxiety






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Our paying customers have seen significant improvements in their everyday life.


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365 Daily Mindfulness

We’ll help you create the habit of mindfulness by sending you a daily lesson 365 days a year, plus, you can set a daily reminder too anytime, anywhere.

From micro practices to expert meditations

Our carefully curated mindful meditations will take you on a journey of understanding, helping you learn science-based skills to make real life changes.

Sleep stories, music, nature sounds and more

Make good sleep a habit with help from leading experts on how to improve your sleep hygiene, meaning you can start waking up fresher.

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New meditations 365 days a year

2000+ Meditations



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The world's most trusted teachers are here to guide you

Former monks, psychologists, professors, and authors. They've done the work and continue to deepen.

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We believe everyone should have access to mindfulness

As part of our Mindfulness Care Program we provide free annual subscriptions for anyone who can’t affiord our Plus+ membership.

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We believe everyone should have access to mindfulness

As part of our Mindfulness Care Program we provide free annual subscriptions for anyone who can’t affiord our Plus+ membership.

Bring mindfulness into your workplace

Mindfulness Plus+ is meditation and mindfulness coaching made easy for organizations who value their employees’ wellbeing—in and out of the office.

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