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Meet Our Community

Meet Kathy

Mindfulness, plus support from my family, saved my sanity and helped me work through a terrible time.

Welcome to Meet Our Community!

This is a place where we are sharing real-life experiences from community members — both as a way to help you feel connected to people all around the world who are on the mindfulness journey with you, and also so you can see how regular, simple mindfulness practices are helping people deal with challenges, increase happiness, and improve their everyday wellbeing.

We’d love to introduce you to Kathy, who wrote to us from Western Canada. Keep reading to get her full story.

Mindfulness became a lifeline

I was listening to the app on an irregular basis until my life fell apart after a tragic event.

I was devastated. I could not sleep. I could not stop playing the scenario over and over in my mind. I couldn’t eat and I couldn’t get out of bed. I called in sick to a job that I love and that invigorates me because I couldn’t concentrate - my mind was elsewhere.

Better sleep, deeper calm, and steady healing

I started using the app to stop my whirling mind and get to sleep. During the day, I would stop and use a short meditation to help me regain my calm and focus. Mindfulness, plus support from family, saved my sanity and helped me work through a terrible time.

A new daily routine for wellness

I now continue to use the app to grow my joy and keep my mind from going down that terrible road of trauma. I now, most days, meditate on my own in the morning and use the app at night to expand my knowledge. I have found that daily practice is essential to keeping me on my mindfulness journey. I intend to keep using the app to continue to grow my joy!

Advice I would give to someone starting out with mindfulness and how to tackle life with mindfulness is:

You can be the master of your thoughts, no matter how confused or traumatised you are. Practice daily, for short intervals, and you will start to feel more calm and in control.

Start Your Journey

If Kathy’s story resonates with you, and you’ve been struggling to navigate a difficult time, we’d love to show you how a simple daily mindfulness practice, when combined with other therapeutic support systems, can help re-regulate the nervous system and bring healing over time.

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