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Your Soul's Truth

Cory Muscara



Cory Muscara



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Your Soul's Truth

In this session, we’ll learn how to lead our life from a place of inner truth and alignment, as well as how to parse our soul’s truth from the noise of our mind. Choose meditation duration:

Hi, welcome back to Day

Four of our Un-challenge.

In the last several days, we've

explored making more internal space

for our experience to arise and to pass

without immediately making it right or

wrong or having to fix or change it.

This becomes the foundation

for unwinding a lot of this

tension that we've accumulated.

And maybe you've already started

to experience the relaxation and

the ease that can come from that.

Today, I want to explore, how do

we be in relationship to these

experiences that we've made space

for when we need to make decisions?

Because the reality is, is that we

do still need to have preferences.

We need to decide what

to do in a situation.

And we can't just be allowing

everything to arise and then not

do anything in relationship to it.

So what is the mechanism that allows us

to make decisions from a place that is

aligned rather than out of alignment?

And this is going to be the foundation

for our exploration of intuitive guidance.

Now, if the idea of intuitive guidance

seems a little out there, think of it

more as learning to connect, to and

surrender to an inner knowing that feels

more in alignment with who you perceive

yourself to be on a deeper level, rather

than just playing out the mind's and the

ego's ideas about what you should do.

Because the reality is if we really pay

attention to what we're doing on a moment

to moment basis, most of that is happening

on automatic pilot and it's happening

from the noise of our mind telling us

what to do next or emotions that create,

that are reactions to what's arising

and it pushes us into another moment.

And if we really look at where that

is all coming from, most of it's

not really ours on a deep level.

You know, the thoughts are our

parents' thoughts or culture's

thoughts, or the media's thoughts.

And maybe even the responses

that we're feeling are based on

old experiences or past traumas.

And so there's a certain maturity

in decision-making that arises when

we begin to parse what is the mind's

conditioning from what we could say is the

soul's truth, or just a deeper knowing.

There's a quote by Robert Adams

that I really like where he

says, "There's something within

you that knows what to do.

Surrender your mind, your thoughts, your

ego to the current that knows the way.

It will take care of you.

It will take better care of

you than you can ever imagine."

I remember when I first heard that I was

like, "Ah, there's something about that

that feels really nice and promising.

But also, what the heck does it mean?

And how do I even begin to listen to that?

That can just seem like a nice

idea, but it's like, how do we

actually live in alignment with that?

That's been a big part of my personal

growth exploration over recent years.

And one of the things that I've seen

is that the mind's ideas tend to have

a qualitatively different experience

to them than our deeper knowing.

They tend to have a little

bit more contraction.

They tend to be a little noisier.

They have a particular buzz to them.

They can create exhilaration,

excitement, but they also have some

anxiety to them, a little bit of fear.

And so when we're operating

from the mind's ideas, it's a

bit more of a roller coaster.

When we connect to this inner knowing

that Robert Adams is pointing to,

the current that knows the way, it

seems to be that the experience of

that is that it's actually quieter.

There's an ease there.

It's not trying to

convince you of anything.

It has the resonance of, "this

is what's happening next,

would you like to come along?"

And what I found is that we have a

lot of ways to defend against that.

The mind and the ego comes in and

says, like, "We can't do that.

Like, what would be the consequences

of actually following that?

I'm scared of that."

And if we really look at it, most of

that is just based on our old ideas

and all the ways that mind and ego self

we're trying to control the situation

and keep us safe and protected.

However, we've also seen how that can

actually cause a lot of stress for us.

And especially when it comes to making

big decisions, we can get caught in

these cycles of pro conning everything

out on an Excel spreadsheet and

really wrestling with it and asking

all of our friends, what should I do?

What if there was actually a

simpler way to connect to what

was right for you in this moment?

That's what we're going to

explore in today's meditation.

We're going to explore how to connect

to that place within you that's

actually more still, more quiet and is

just arising as this is what's next.

We could say it's the

soul's communication.

We could say it's the deeper you that

is communicating, your higher self.

But when you taste it, when you

actually start to touch into it,

there is a feeling of, oh yeah.

There is a voice that is uniquely mine.

And when I align with it, something

in me feels more whole and fulfilled.

So I'm excited to dive

into that with you today.

You're doing great so far.

We're four days into this challenge.

Thanks for continuing on the journey.

We're a little over halfway

there, so let's keep going.

And for now, let's settle

into today's meditation.

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