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Daily Gratitude - The Gift of Patience







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Daily Gratitude - The Gift of Patience

Let's take a moment to appreciate

the things that have been

happening in your life recently.

Today's theme is appreciating

the gift of patience.

As always, if you'd like to journal along,

you can pause after each prompt to give

yourself more time to write and reflect.

First, let's take a deep breath in.

And out.

In our busy lives, with so many

places to be and things to do,

it's easy to become impatient.

When we intentionally recognize the

small interruptions or delays in

our days as an opportunity to pause

and slow down, we can begin to build

up our capacity to be more patient,

flexible, and present in our daily life.

Think of something that

happened today that took longer

than you thought it should.

This could be something like your commute

to work, a meeting, or a daily task.

What was your initial reaction?

How can you show compassion for

yourself in a moment like that?

Looking back on this moment, was there

something unexpected that brought

you happiness while waiting - like

a favorite song on the radio, an

unexpected connection, or a sense of

satisfaction from a job well done?

Now with this in mind,

repeat the following phrases:

Thank you for unplanned pauses.

Thank you for the chance

to stop and notice beauty.

Thank you for my growing

ability to be with uncertainty.

Thank you for pleasant surprises

that find me in challenging moments.

To end this session, let's

take a deep breath in.

And out.

We'll see you back here tomorrow

for another gratitude practice.

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