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We've teamed up with UNiDAYS, to help you make it through your uni days. has everything from breathing techniques to calm your anxiety, through to meditations that help you focus throughout the day.

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The #1 Mindfulness App

Thousands of people are bringing balance into their everyday life.

Truly life changing. This isn't solely meditation and mindfulness...this is about striving to be the best the versions of ourselves.

Marisa, Plus+ Member

5 stars

Better than Headspace. I've had the paid version of both apps, and I must say I enjoy this one better.

Gina, Plus+ Member

5 stars

Honestly one of the greatest and most important apps I own. It helps me greatly every day. This app helps me with exactly what I need

Petros, Plus+ Member

5 stars

Reduced stress and anxiety

Mindfulness is all about focusing your attention on the present moment, which can help you break free from negative thought patterns and worries about the future or regrets about the past. Through regular practice, you can train your mind to stay calm and focused, even in stressful situations.

Improved Focus and Productivity

Mindfulness and meditation have been shown to improve focus and increase productivity. By practicing regularly with, you may be able to improve your ability to concentrate and get things done, both at work and in your personal life.

Better Sleep

Poor sleep can have a negative impact on your physical and mental health. By improving your sleep quality, you may find that you have more energy and are better able to handle the challenges of everyday life.

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