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Finding Happiness

20 minutes a day to a healthier, happier you

A ten-day mindfulness course created to help you build a healthy, simple practice for cultivating daily happiness—in just 20 minutes or less a day.

Here's what's waiting inside the Finding Happiness Course:

  • The tools and techniques to experience joy in the present while building habits for long-lasting happiness.
  • How authentic happiness is a full-body experience—and how to practice this each day.
  • The power of focusing on feel-good practices to create the momentum of positive feelings.
  • How to embody genuine happiness so that those around you take notice (and even mirror your positive behaviors and energy).
  • Techniques to retrain your mind and body to experience the richness of life (even when it’s hard to recognize).

Cory Muscara

Self-paced course

15-20 minute sessions

Community Exclusive

10-Day Course

Embark on a fulfilling ten-day journey designed to enhance your daily joy with simple 15 to 20-minute practices.

Guided by easy-to-digest lessons, you'll begin with granting yourself permission to be happy, recognizing the power of choice, discovering self-acceptance, and channeling attention towards the good. As the journey continues, you'll indulge in happiness as a whole-body experience, understand the benefits of focusing on strengths, adopt a happiness mindset, and tap into the superpower of kindness. The course culminates with a practice of sympathetic joy and an exploration of your happiness legacy, leaving you equipped with a fresh perspective and toolkit for nurturing happiness in your daily life.

Meditation · 20 mins

Permission to Be Happy

Cory Muscara
Meditation · 15 mins

You Always Have a Choice

Cory Muscara
Meditation · 15 mins

Self-Acceptance Is the Key

Cory Muscara
Meditation · 15 mins

Hunt the Good

Cory Muscara
Meditation · 15 mins

Practice Feeling Happy

Cory Muscara
Meditation · 15 mins

Focus on Your Strengths

Cory Muscara
Meditation · 15 mins

Happiness Mindset

Cory Muscara
Meditation · 15 mins

Kindness: Your Happiness Superpower

Cory Muscara
Meditation · 15 mins

Sympathetic Joy

Cory Muscara
Meditation · 15 mins

Your Happiness Legacy

Cory Muscara

What People are Saying

5 stars

4.9 stars with over 1M+ users

I have done Cory’s 10 day happiness course again and again.

- GraceLoveTiger

5 stars

It’s the most comprehensive and well-put-together mindfulness app I’ve come across. The app seems to fill every need. My current favorite is Cory Muscara’s 10-day “Finding Happiness” course.

- Splashi

5 stars

Cory Muscara stands for absolute quality. So does this app.

- Lisa Hö

5 stars

I am six days into Cory’s Happiness course. Without the Mindfulness App, I would not have discovered how much happiness is available by focusing on my strengths and carrying so much helpful information with me every day. Life is good, Mindfulness is better. 💖

- B.

5 stars

Cory’s teachings & guided meditation are what my soul longed for — refreshing, calming, gently confronting, and reassuring. I had and have much work to do, but learning to practice with Cory is nourishment. Thank you 🙏

- Steph

5 stars

I loved this. I really could relate to all that Cory talked about. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the constant pursuit of happiness when really you can only enjoy it when you train your mind to be in the moment and creating happiness one moment at a time. Thank you for the reminder.

- Geenz

5 stars

Cory is a wonderful guide on your journey through meditation and mindfulness.

- Humanfrst

5 stars

Truly life changing. This isn't solely meditation and mindfulness...this is about striving to be the best the versions of ourselves.

- Marisa

5 stars

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