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Mindful Eating

7 powerful sessions, only 15 minutes a day

Learn to listen to your body, ride your cravings, and become more self-compassionate - all leading to a transformation in your relationship with your body and food.

Here's what's waiting inside the Mindful Eating Course:

  • Learn to reduce emotional eating, binge eating, and mindless eating.
  • Feel better about yourself, your eating behavior, and your body image.
  • Learn how to ride out cravings and, leave shame and guilt behind to find a more sustainable, healthy, and fulfilling way of eating and living.

Melli O'Brien

Self-paced course

10-15 minute sessions

Community Exclusive

7-Day Course

Guided by thoughtfully curated practices, you'll learn how to attune to your body's needs, manage cravings, and foster self-compassion, all adding up to a wholesome transformation of your relationship with food and body.

As you delve into the course, you'll explore five unique eating styles, the art of "urge surfing", the joy of mindful eating, and engaging with gratitude to revamp your food-related experiences. You'll also understand the impact of your thoughts on body perception, discover your body's 'satisfaction point, and finally, unlock methods to integrate mindful eating into your everyday life, paving the way for a balanced, zestful, and healthier lifestyle.

Meditation · 15 mins

Listening to Your Body

Melli O'Brien
Meditation · 15 mins

Making More Conscious Choices

Melli O'Brien
Meditation · 10 mins

Slow Down and Savor

Melli O'Brien
Meditation · 10 mins

The Gratitude Effect

Melli O'Brien
Meditation · 10 mins

Befriending Your Body

Melli O'Brien
Meditation · 10 mins

The Satisfaction Point

Melli O'Brien
Meditation · 10 mins

Making Mindful Eating a Way of Life

Melli O'Brien

What People are Saying

5 stars

4.9 stars with over 1M+ users

I love Melli O’Brien’s message on mindful eating.

- Ferg

5 stars

Wow, Melli! The pandemic has caused me to struggle with healthy eating at times so needed this. Today's message was perfect for where I am right now and look forward to completing the course!

- Nana

5 stars

I just completed the 7-day "Mindful Eating" course and I'm confident it will help me immensely moving forward, in my practice of mindfulness in my daily life.

- Lora

5 stars

This was a wonderful course in mindfulness eating. Free of judgment and informative. I highly recommend!

- Amelia

5 stars

I've been using the app for only a month but I noticed that I already use some of them in my everyday life. There are several courses (listened to the mindful eating one and it's so useful). I went for the yearly subscription, it's so worth it!

- Kriztina

5 stars

The best and most effective meditation app thus far.

- Manohar

5 stars

Truly life changing. This isn't solely meditation and mindfulness...this is about striving to be the best the versions of ourselves.

- Marisa

5 stars

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Bring balance into your everyday life.

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