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The Healing Power of Self-Compassion

A course for renewing ourselves & transforming our world

Are you wondering how to thrive in a post-COVID world? Research is showing that self-compassion is the master key to bouncing back from life's challenges. It helps reduce stress, develop healthy habits, and unlock creativity.

Join Rhonda Magee as she shares powerful meditations and on-the-spot techniques to cultivate the emotional grounding for a better world for us all. This 7-day course and daily meditations will teach you to build lasting inner peace and well-being in your everyday life.

Rhonda Magee

Self-paced course

15-20 minute sessions

Community Exclusive

7-Day Course

Seven daily sessions from mindfulness expert Rhonda Magee

This course provides practical meditations and everyday techniques rooted in scientific research, all aimed at helping you cultivate self-compassion, reducing stress, and unlocking creativity.

Get started by exploring the importance of self-compassion, its grounding impact on well-being, and its role in self-kindness. Throughout the course, you'll learn to gently shift from negative self-talk towards a dialogue of self-support, using self-compassion as a balm. By the end of the course, you'll have discovered the freedom of being your true self and the impacts of a self-compassionate lifestyle. With these insights, you'll find peace, greater resilience to thrive, and be a positive force in our ever-transforming world.

Meditation · 20 mins

Being Your Own Best Friend

Rhonda Magee
Meditation · 20 mins

Healing Your Wounds Through Self-Kindness

Rhonda Magee
Meditation · 15 mins

Changing Your Critical Self-Talk

Rhonda Magee
Meditation · 15 mins

Be Like Medicine

Rhonda Magee
Meditation · 20 mins

The Freedom to Be Your True Self

Rhonda Magee
Meditation · 15 mins

Self-Compassion in Daily Life

Rhonda Magee
Meditation · 20 mins

Kindness As Mindset

Rhonda Magee


Rhonda answers your questions about self-compassion

Talk · 7 mins

Won’t Self-Compassion and Acceptance Take Away My Ambition to Improve Myself?

Rhonda Magee
Talk · 10 mins

How Does Self-Compassion Lead to Healing?

Rhonda Magee
Talk · 16 mins

In Self-Compassion, Who Is Offering Compassion and Who Is Receiving Compassion? Am I Just Talking to Myself?

Rhonda Magee
Talk · 7 mins

When I Practice Self-Compassion, I Feel Resistance. How Do I Work With This?

Rhonda Magee
Talk · 12 mins

How Do I Become My Best Friend When I Really Don’t Like Myself?

Rhonda Magee

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