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Trusting the Gold

Exclusive Masterclass with Tara Brach

Trusting the purity of your heart and seeing it in others is one of the most profound expressions of love and peace we can offer this world. In doing this, we begin to heal as a society and within ourselves.

This masterclass will give you the tools to initiate the shift to true freedom and happiness through four profound sessions with Tara.

This transformational Masterclass will help you...

  • Find Meaning and Fulfilment - Shift away from anxiety to live with abiding peace and aliveness.
  • Build Resilience and Strength - Bounce back from emotional difficulties to stay motivated and engaged.
  • Heal Your Wounds - Discover how to work with self-criticism, self-doubt, and shame.
  • Find Your Own Voice - Unlock the freedom to be yourself and bring your unique gifts forward.
  • Create a Better World - Learn the inner skills to be of benefit to our world without losing yourself.

Tara Brach, PhD

4 on-demand sessions

15-30 minute sessions

Community Exclusive

4-Part Masterclass

In this journey, you'll first learn to deeply connect to your body and sensations. Next, you'll focus on challenging self-doubting thoughts and fostering essential self-trust. Moving forward, Tara will guide you through a RAIN meditation that shows you how to address and heal your inner pain points with compassion. Finally, you'll discover how to counteract negativity bias, embracing positivity, and authenticity in your life.

Masterclass · 12 mins

Coming Into Your Body

Tara Brach
Masterclass · 25 mins

Trusting Our Basic Goodness

Tara Brach
Masterclass · 15 mins

Loving Ourselves Into Freedom

Tara Brach
Masterclass · 19 mins

Living True to Ourselves

Tara Brach

What People are Saying

5 stars

4.9 stars with over 1M+ users

I love Tara Brach’s inspiration in finding the inner gold. Soothing, insightful, powerful, and life-altering.

- Ferg

5 stars

A transformational practice. You guided me through my doubts and fears, enabling me to sit with my coverings, to remember, and to recognize the gold in me. A beautifully balanced practice that allowed me to nurture my relationship with all beings.

- Mandy

5 stars

Tara's voice takes me on a peaceful welcoming journey.

- Patti

5 stars

This app is fantastic. I just did my first session with Tara Brach and am already feeling a bit more mindful and relaxed.

- Kacey

5 stars

Tara Brach offers meditation to help us come home to our bodies. Her voice is so calming. She offers us guidance to find our truth within us. Through the simple act of breathing in and out, we touch our own sacredness. Namaste.

- Jeanine

5 stars

The best and most effective meditation app thus far.

- Manohar

5 stars

Better than Headspace. I've had the paid version of both apps, and I must say I enjoy this one better.

5 stars

This is the app I turn to when I want to feel calm and loved.

- Abby

5 stars

Truly life changing. This isn't solely meditation and mindfulness...this is about striving to be the best the versions of ourselves.

- Marisa

5 stars

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