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What our community is saying

5 stars

4.9 stars with over 1M+ users

I highly recommend this to anyone coping with any type of pain, physical or mental.

- E

5 stars

So calm and soothing and I love the new bundle with Kelly Boys, she’s brilliant!

- EJ

5 stars

Such a wide range of teachers. Particularly enjoying the Kelly Boys’s Resilience course at the moment.

- Cat

5 stars

Thank you for helping me one step closer to feeling I am enough and being at ease and at peace with myself.

- Chris

5 stars

Melli's voice is so gentle and helps bring me to a place of peaceful being.

- Deb

5 stars

Melli’s approach to living mindfully is shared in exactly that manner, mindfully.

- Terri Virginia

5 stars

So good for balancing the stress and anxiety with calm and serenity. Melli O'Brien is exceptionally good.

- Salrose

5 stars

With deep gratitude to Melli for her fantastic course, transforming the lives of so many for the better.

- Rong

5 stars

This was a wonderful course in mindfulness eating. Free of judgment and informative. I highly recommend!

- Amelia

5 stars

I love Tara Brach’s inspiration in finding the inner gold. Soothing, insightful, powerful, and life-altering.

- Ferg

5 stars

I am new but this daily really helps me unwind and get a sense of a higher purpose. Thank you.

- Patricia

5 stars

Great app for beginners. Really starting to understand and enjoy mindfulness. And that is from a cynic.

- Paul

5 stars

I am very new to meditation, and am so happy that my first introduction to it has been through this app.

- W.M.

5 stars

Better than Headspace. I've had the paid version of both apps, and I must say I enjoy this one better.

- Gina

5 stars

I have a greater sense of self, a trust in being enough as I am. Thank you for this practice, Kelly.


5 stars

I was particularly taken by the course by Kelly Boys. It was superb and struck me very deeply.

- Cathy

5 stars

It has helped my anxiety and stress so much, I am so thankful I gave it a shot.

- P.

5 stars

A quick, easy, and reassuring way to calm and refocus your anxious mind!

- Bonnie

5 stars

One of the best mindfulness apps around, I bought a lifetime membership.

- Joy

5 stars

Much needed meditation as a mother and suffering from anxiety. Helps to try and relax.

- Emma

5 stars

This app has changed me. My body and my mind are so much calmer. My kindness and compassion have expanded.

- Maggie

5 stars

A daily companion which helps me focus on being the best version of myself.

- Kate

5 stars

Like having a calming best friend talking to you & helping you to resolve your issues.

- Ali

5 stars

A fantastic resource on mindfulness that has helped me to transform my relationship.

- Siobahn

5 stars

It helps me to sleep better. When I hear “relax to sleep,” I really do fall asleep quickly after.

- Vanessa

5 stars

It's nourishment for my old soul—easy listening, calming, relaxing, and gives me a positive good feeling.

- Kristina

5 stars

With meditations and sleep sounds, my little guy is falling asleep faster.

- Lauren

5 stars

Taking 15 minutes out of the day to savour the quiet is deeply rewarding.

- Nstie

5 stars

Gives you tools to deal with tough situations (in daily life or in the past).

- Leentje

5 stars

Appreciate the down to earth teachings and high quality meditations on the app.

- Mel Louise

5 stars

In short, it’s brilliant and I hope millions more people can experience it.

- Andy

5 stars

Daily videos, meditations & Cory's Happiness Course helped me deal with anxiety.

- Sol

5 stars

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