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February 1-8, 2022

Un-Challenge: Permission to Be Human

Start 2022 with 7 days of self-acceptance and self-care.

What if you don’t need to be a “better you”?

We know that setting goals, working hard, and testing your limits can all have great value. We also know that if our drive for self-improvement isn’t rooted in self-acceptance, it tends to wear us down and make us feel worse.

Join us for the free 2022 Un-Challenge: Permission to Be Human. It’s 7 days of unwinding, re-aligning with intuition, and reconnecting with the truest version of you.

Embrace the power of slowing down

In the 2022 Un-Challenge, we will walk you through daily practices to let go of unconscious striving and parse your soul’s truth from the noise of your mind.

When you can accept yourself exactly where you are, exactly how you are, you can finally tap into a source of transformation that isn’t depleting but that feels intuitive, aligned, and free.

Join us for the live
-Challenge kickoff
with Cory Muscara!

Save your spot (it’s free) and get event reminders by joining the Un-Challenge today.


February 1, 2022 at 7pm EST (that’s 11am Feb. 2 Sydney time)


In your living room (or wherever is most comfortable)


Welcome, intro to the week, plus a live Q&A (so bring your questions!)

What if you are exactly where you’re supposed to be?

The 2022 Un-Challenge will show how your greatest transformation doesn’t come from pushing yourself more, but from letting go and recognizing all that you already are.

Do you have “self-improvement burnout”?

  • You always feel like you need to create a new-and-improved version of yourself.
  • You do-do-do but you’re depleted, exhausted, and anxious.
  • You struggle to escape patterns of distress and drama, even though you want peace and stillness.
  • You want to find ways to recognize and listen to your soul’s wisdom
  • You’re ready for growth that comes from a place of inspiration, self-compassion, ease, and surrender.

What you'll learn

Running through from February 1-8, 2022 we’ll be covering 7 days of self-acceptance and mindfulness training to help you arrive exactly where you are.

What’s included?

Every day, for 7 days, you’ll receive a short, informative video from Cory, followed by a guided meditation. These simple tools will be an encouraging companion during the week as you commit to Un-Challenging yourself in a noisy world.

Daily Coaching

Consider it like having a good friend by your side offering support and encouragement to slow down and reconnect.

Daily Meditations

Guided practices to unwind, let go, and get acquainted with yourself in the here and now.

Powerful Micro-Practices

Learn simple exercises and practices to use in the moment, when you need immediate support

Practical Tools

To help you bring this wisdom into your life, work, and relationships.

Meet Your Host

Cory’s daily encouragement provides the support and friendship for you to realize your fullest potential.

Cory Muscara

Cory is an international speaker, leader, and teacher of mindfulness and positive psychology. He’s passionate about helping people find real peace — the kind that makes a tangible difference in everyday life, work, and relationships — and his passion is rooted in real-life experience.

Cory is a former monk and the bestselling author of Stop Missing Your Life. He has taught Mindful Leadership at Columbia University, is an instructor of Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, has been a mindfulness advisor on the Dr. Oz Show, and for the last ten years has offered mindfulness workshops and retreats around the world. His meditations have been heard more than 10 million times in over 100 countries.

He believes when we are deeply fulfilled, we naturally become a force for good in the world — improving life for ourselves, other beings, the environment, and our communities.

Feel the support of the Community

One of the foundational principles of mindfulness is learning how to embrace the fullness of who we are: our brilliance, our mess, our resilience, our searching. We all want to be our truest selves…and we all need help from time to time giving ourselves permission to be human. Join thousands of other community members who are listening, meditating, and unwinding together.

Here's what people say about

People in our community who are getting the benefits of Daily Mindfulness

Thought provoking, concise and structured. In short, it’s brilliant and I hope millions more people can experience it.


Just want to say a big thankyou to all involved as this has had a positive impact in my daily life 🙏 Valuable teachings that have allowed me to have a better relationship not only with those around me, but with myself. Heal ourselves and we heal the world 💫✨🌍


I really appreciate the blend of down to earth teachings and the high quality meditations on this app. It’s totally unique. It brings more calm, confidence and happiness into my life every day.

Mel Louise

Step by step becoming more peaceful, in the moment, zen. Gives you tools to deal with tough situations (in your daily life or in the past).


We live in changing times (always!) and taking 15 minutes out of the day to relinquish the mental popcorn machine and savor some of the quiet that is always available within is deeply rewarding.


The first session was fantastic. I feel safe. And supported. Almost like having someone helping me through my difficult time. I’m very grateful for this app.


When the world around us is noisy with messages of “not enough” and “try harder”— it’s a radical move to give yourself the simple permission to be human.

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