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Make Good Sleep a Lasting Habit

Enjoy better health, sharpen your focus, and become less reactive with a better sleep routine. (Even if you don't have 8 hours)

Improve Your Entire Life with Better Sleep!

Lack of sleep is often behind our mood swings, reactivity, and even depression or anxiety. While we like to wear our ability to do more with less like a badge of honor, the fact remains: the quality of our sleep impacts our lives.

Right now, more than ever, it is important to boost our immune systems, maintain a sense of calm with our loved ones, and learn to find joy and peace every day. Improving our sleep despite the uncertainties, stress, and busy schedules is what we aim to do with our 7-day Sleep Challenge. We’d love for you to join us. It’s FREE!

Stressful Days Lead to Restless Nights

Lack of sleep is a global crisis that has only increased in severity over the last 12 months. Does stress cause sleepless nights… Or does a lack of consistent sleep cause stress? While the jury is still out, the one thing we know for sure is both lead to lasting physical and mental health problems. Taking proactive steps to ensure better sleep means less stress, reactivity, and anxiety during the day.

The Quality Matters

When we truly are able to fall into a restful sleep, our bodies are able to heal; our heart rate lowers; our hormones are balanced; the nervous system relaxes; and our immune system is able to fight infections, reduce inflammation, and soften the impact of traumas.

Better Sleep:

  • Increases focus, memory, and productivity
  • Balances excessive weight fluctuations
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Lowers the risk of chronic diseases
  • Decreases stress, anxiety, and depression

How it works

Every day for 7 days upon signing up, you will receive a daily email, in-app audio coaching, and a unique sleep meditation from Cory Muscara and the Mindfulness team. These powerful self-care strategies will help improve your sleep and activate your best self.

1. Daily Practical Tips

For 7 days straight, you will receive a daily email with practical, easy-to-implement advice to quickly improve your sleep.

2. Daily Coaching

Every night before each guided meditation, cozy up in your bed for a short audio coaching session with Cory. His best sleep tips in 5 minutes or less!

3. NEW Sleep Meditation Daily

7 brand-new sleep meditations available only through the sleep challenge to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep the entire night.

4. Practical, Science-Backed Tools

Research shows that a mindfulness practice can trigger the body’s relaxation response, making it easier to stay calm throughout the day AND fall asleep at night.

5. Immediate Access

That’s right! When you need better sleep habits, there’s no time like the present. Sign up and download the app today to get immediate access to the tools and meditations you need to improve your sleep.

Yours for FREE:

This FREE 7-day Sleep Challenge is for you if you:

  • Wake up in the night and lay there for hours trying to get back to sleep
  • Experience lack of focus and poor memory
  • Feel irritable and reactive during the day
  • Can’t fall asleep at night
  • Feel tired of feeling tired
  • Want to improve your sleep TODAY
  • Don’t have the energy to do the things you enjoy

Our meditation challenge is a community event

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Topics Covered Over the 7 Days

What you can expect during the Challenge

Meet Your Teacher

Cory Muscara

Cory Muscara is an international speaker and teacher on the topics of mindfulness and positive psychology. He’s passionate about helping people find real peace. He believes when we are deeply fulfilled, we’re a better force in the world for other beings, the environment, and our communities.

By helping us keep the world in perspective, sleep gives us a chance to refocus on the essence of who we are. And in that place of connection, it is easier for the fears and concerns of the world to drop away.

—Arianna Huffington

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I depend on it each and every day. The meditations are fantastic.


Before this app it was hard for me to fall asleep, but now I sleep much better.


It helps me to sleep better. When I hear “relax to sleep,” I really do fall asleep quickly after.


With meditations and sleep sounds, my little guy is falling asleep faster.


It's nourishment for my old soul—easy listening, calming, relaxing.


A fantastic resource on mindfulness that has helped me to transform my relationship.

Life’s Better When You Wake Up Rested.

You can officially stop counting sheep. The nighttime meditation and mindfulness practices we share inside our FREE challenge will give you the tools to wind down and fall asleep with more ease.

Get the restorative sleep your body and mind deserve.

Browse Sleep

Explore our mindfulness and meditation practices and resources for sleep to develop a working plan for those times when you need extra help falling or staying asleep.

Browse Sleep

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