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Emotional Resilience in Adversity by Kelly Boys

Get Free 3-day Access to Kelly’s Course, Curated Meditations, and Daily Practices for Calming Anxiety In Difficult Times

Connect With Your Inner Anchor of Well-Being and Safety

In these unpredictable times, so many of us feel overwhelmed, anxious, and alone. The good news is that we each have the ability to connect with an inner anchor of strength, and to feel calm — no matter the circumstances. Through daily practices, you can access lasting inner peace, more ease and joy, and the ability to live your life deeply on purpose.

Get Free Access to Emotional Resilience in Adversity Bundle

The bundle includes Emotional Resilience in Adversity Course, Curated Meditations, and Daily Practices. Learn essential techniques for cultivating calm and inner strength during troubling times.

This Transformational Material Will Help You:

1. Find Your Inner Peace Even in the Midst of Challenging Circumstances

Learn how to find your inner strength and peace by developing an Anchor of Well-being.

2. Discover a Body Scan Tool to Tap Into Your Inner Strength

Learn how to tap your inner strength through mindful self-awareness with a body scan tool.

3. “Down-Regulate” Your Nervous System to Feel More Joy and Ease

By down-regulating during stressful moments throughout the day, you can finish the day feeling better despite the circumstances.

4. Manage Your Anxiety with a Miracle Tool

This tool will help you create emotional flexibility and strength.

5. Find Micro-Moments of Joy

Learn how to create micro-moments of joy throughout your day, strengthening the muscle of hope and resilience in the face of adversity.

Meet Your Teacher

Kelly Boys is a pioneering mindfulness teacher specializing in trauma-sensitive mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and body awareness. She was the Director of Teacher Training at the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (based on Google's emotional intelligence and mindfulness program) and co-created a pioneering mindfulness program for UN humanitarian aid workers in the Middle East. She has worked extensively in the field of trauma-sensitive mindfulness and has taught meditation to incarcerated US veterans at San Quentin State Prison suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries.

Kelly is the author of The Blind Spot Effect (2018), holds a degree in Intercultural Religious Studies, and is a certified iRest® meditation teacher and Search Inside Yourself teacher. Her work is deeply influenced by the work of clinical psychologist Richard Miller and psychotherapist John Prendergast.

How Free Access Works

For the duration of 3 days, you get full access to:

7-day Course

Kelly’s transformational “Emotional Resilience in Adversity” Course

70-minute Conversation

An exclusive video conversation with Kelly Boys

Micro Practices

For in-the-moment relief from anxiety and panic


Kelly's personal answers to commonly asked questions about resilience

I want to give people access to proven tools for peace of mind, especially in trying times like these. I’ve seen these strategies work in a variety of settings — from executives at Google to United Nations humanitarian workers, military veterans, and those incarcerated in San Quentin State Prison.

—Kelly Boys

Emotional Resilience in Adversity Course Daily Themes

Join trauma-sensitive mindfulness specialist Kelly Boys, as she shares a potent mix of restorative meditations, micro practices, and body awareness techniques to help you tap into your inner strength, well-being, and a sense of safety. Each day includes a 5-10-minute lesson and a 10-minute meditation.

Kind Words For Kelly

Dr. Rick Hanson

Psychologist, best-selling author, Senior Fellow, Greater Good Science Centre at UC Berkeley, USA

“Kelly Boys explores powerful new science about the important things we miss each day — and the simple, practical things we can do to see the good news about ourselves and the world that’s right under our noses.”

Tara Brach, PhD

Internationally Renowned Mindfulness Teacher, Best Selling Author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge

“Kelly Boys offers a fresh and illuminating take on how to step out of lifelong patterns that keep snagging us.”

Dr. James Doty, MD

Founder, The Center for Compassion at Stanford University, Bestselling author of Into the Magic Shop: A Neurosurgeon’s Quest to Discover the Mysteries of the Brain and the Secrets of the Heart

“Kelly Boys shows us our blind spots and by doing so allows us to truly see. When we truly see, everything changes for the better.”

Get Free Access to Emotional Resilience in Adversity Bundle

The bundle includes Emotional Resilience in Adversity Course, Curated Meditations, and Daily Practices. Learn essential techniques for cultivating calm and inner strength during troubling times.

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