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The Foundations of Mindfulness

This isn’t just a course about meditation, it’s a course about living a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

In only 15 minutes a day—learn empowering skills that will last a lifetime.

In this 30-day guided course, you’ll learn how to practice meditation and mindful living skills. Along the way, you’ll discover how to become less reactive, ease anxiety and stress, and tap into a core of inner calm and strength to carry with you wherever you go.

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Quiet your inner critic, unhook from negative thoughts.

Imagine waking up each day—without the negative chatter bringing you down—without the inner critic diminishing your self esteem. Imagine the confidence, the clarity, and the calm you could move through the world with.

Learn to cultivate an unshakable core of wholeness, happiness, and peace of mind that you can carry with you wherever you go.

Become a less reactive person.

Life is full of ups and downs that can trigger an emotional rollercoaster within us. One moment we’re overcome with gratitude, and the next we’re set off by the smallest thing. It taxes both our mental fortitude and our relationships.

Get the necessary tools and practices that allow you to become a less reactive parent, partner, and friend—and ultimately, harness a healthy control of your emotions.

Here’s What’s Waiting Inside the Foundations of Mindfulness Course:

  • A step-by-step guide to the basics of meditation and how to deepen that practice.
  • The tools to become less reactive, anxious, and stressed.
  • How to integrate powerful but practical mindfulness skills into everyday life.
  • Meditations that cultivate confidence and self-compassion.
  • A genuine thirst for living a more authentic life.
  • How to give space for your thoughts and emotions without judgment.
  • A lifestyle-friendly practice that can be explored anytime, anywhere to decrease stress, increase joy, and savor every moment you find yourself in.

30 Powerful Sessions, Only 15 Minutes a Day

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Foundations of Mindfulness is for you when you:

  • Are new to meditation but excited to learn the practices that lead to a more fulfilling and peaceful life.
  • Already have an understanding of mindfulness but would like to deepen your practice.
  • Have heard about the long-term benefits a mindfulness practice can yield, such as less stress, better sleep, and more joy in each day.
  • Ready to discover more confidence, calm, and purpose in your life.
  • Determined to become a less reactive person so that you can have better relationships—with those around you and with yourself.

Take the first step on the journey to a happier you.

Ready For a Sneak Peek?

In the first 8 sessions, you will discover:

Session 1

The Fundamentals of Mindfulness

Session 2

The Power of Presence

Session 3

Waking Up

Session 4

How to Work with Thoughts

Session 5

The Key to Taming the Mind

Session 6

The Importance of Non-Doing

Session 7

Embracing the Beginner's Mind

Session 8

Coming to Our Senses

Meet Your Teacher

Melli O’Brien is a speaker, writer, mindfulness teacher, and the co-founder and co-host of Mindfulness.com. She is also the co-founder and host of The Mindfulness Summit, the world’s largest mindfulness conference.

Known for her down-to-earth, engaging, and authentic teaching style, Melli has guided thousands of people through retreats and courses over the last decade, and the readership of her blog on mindful living, MrsMindfulness.com, is over 200,000 people.

Kind Words From Thankful Listeners and Students…

Leah Jolliot

Amazing, accessible, and warming experience. Thank you Melli.

Deborah UK

Great meditations that have a calming effect. Melli's voice is soothing.

Adrienne James

Melli has a beautiful way of guiding and reminding us of finding the stillness within.

Are You Ready to Say Yes to a Healthier, Happier, and More Fulfilled You?

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