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How to Meditate: Meditation 101 for Beginners

10 Science-Backed Benefits of Meditation

What is Meditation?

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How To Meditate

A 10-day Mindful Meditation Program For Beginners with Cory Muscara
in only 20 mins a day.

Join Cory Muscara for a 10-day course to establish a daily meditation practice that can easily fit into your busy life.

20 Minutes

Or less a day

10 Sessions

Relatable and easy to follow


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New to Meditation? The Benefits of a Mindfulness Practice Are Endless, But to Name a Few:

  • Cultivate a sense of self-love, trust, and acceptance
  • Unwind and fall asleep with more ease
  • Become less reactive, stressed, and overwhelmed in difficult moments
  • Bring more focus and productivity to your life
  • Improve your relationships with family and friends
  • Cultivate more compassion for others
  • Reduce depression and anxiety
  • Lower blood pressure and boost your immunity

20 Minutes a Day to a Calmer You

There are a number of reasons you may be interested in developing a consistent meditation practice. Whether it’s to meet life’s challenges with more resilience, feel calmer and grounded throughout the day, or help your body “turn off” for better sleep, mindfulness meditation will meet you where you are.

Time-Tested and Scientifically-Backed to Make a Difference

The point of meditation is not to try to eliminate problems from our lives. Life will always continue to present obstacles—but that’s what helps us to grow. Every time we meet a new obstacle, we have a choice to continue with our old habits and mindset, or instead, move forward with a new, intentional response.

With the 10 easy-to-follow sessions inside the How to Meditate course, you’ll develop the foundation necessary to do this with every future turn in the road.

Your Meditation Practice Is Waiting

20 Minutes a Day to a Healthier, Happier You

Here's what’s waiting inside How To Meditate Course:

  • Easy-to-follow 20-minute-or-less mindfulness coaching and meditations with Cory Muscara
  • 10 days (or 10 sessions) of perspective-shifting techniques and practical tools that build upon the last to establish a strong foundation for your practice
  • The skills to retrain your mind and body to experience the richness of life (even when it’s hard to recognize)
  • The step-by-step guidance to start and maintain a daily meditation practice

Get Your First 3 Sessions Free

Session 1 – Your Posture Is Your Practice

Explore how your meditation posture can set the tone for your entire practice.

Session 2 – Awareness Is the Key

What exactly is awareness? Explore awareness as the foundation for all forms of meditation and how, ultimately, it is the key to true freedom.

Session 3 – The Skills of Attention

Attention and awareness are not the same, and yet both play a crucial role within your practice. Discover how to develop and leverage the skill of attention with a fun and practical training.

Session 4 – Working With Thoughts

Does your mind feel too scattered to meditate? This is a natural human experience. Explore how to meet and work with thoughts in your meditation practice.

Session 5 – Concentration Is Power

A concentrated mind is a healthy mind. Learn to settle your mind’s constant battle with the moment-to-moment experience of life when you need it most.

Session 6 – Seeing More Clearly

Explore the practice of ‘Mental Labeling’, a simple tool to gain more clarity and ease in your meditation.

Session 7 – How to Navigate Distractions

Expecting a blissful experience the first time you meditate? You may just be setting yourself up for failure. Explore how to work with the frustrating experiences that arise in meditation.

Session 8 – How Meditation Leads to Wisdom

Mindfulness wisdom is a deep, non-conceptual knowledge of how we create both suffering and happiness within us. Explore how meditation cultivates this and how it leads to freedom.

Session 9 – Becoming Whole Through Practice

“You’re welcome here, too.” What does this mean? Explore how to avoid one of the key mistakes that happens in meditation.

Session 10 – Meditate With Your Heart

Explore what it means to meditate with your heart and why that is the key to a deeper, richer, and more fulfilling experience of being human.

Meditation is not about finding peace. It's about meeting reality. When we meet reality, we develop clarity and acceptance. With clarity and acceptance, we surrender the need to run from what is true from ourselves. By surrendering the need to run, we find stillness. And in stillness, we find peace.

—Cory Muscara

Meet Your Teacher

Cory is an international speaker and teacher on the topics of mindfulness and positive psychology. He’s passionate about helping people find real peace. He believes that when we are deeply fulfilled, we’re a better force in the world for other beings, the environment, and our communities.

Kind Words From Happier, Healthier Meditators...

Steve Ericson

Excellent! Cory gently guides you into internal peace.

Lisa Hö

Cory Muscara stands for absolute quality. So does this app.

BFS Seven. Eight

Just finished first 20-min session, feeling positive and present.

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