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10 Science-Backed Benefits of Meditation

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Grow an unshakable core of mental strength

Strength From Stillness is a 14-day journey that will help you find your calm center, ease your stress and anxiety, and build your resilience so you can be the best version of yourself, even when times get tough.

Mental strength is a skill — one that anyone can learn.

Monks and neuroscientists now agree: Your mind can be your own worst enemy

OR your greatest asset, depending on what you teach it to focus on.

This course will show you how to train your mind to be stronger.

Do You Often Find Yourself:

  • Caught up in mental struggles you can’t seem to shake
  • Feeling regularly anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed
  • Getting caught up in negative thinking that brings you down
  • Feeling lost, like you can’t find a sense of meaning or purpose
  • Wanting to get more resilient to better handle life's challenges
  • Wishing to shed the stuff that's holding you back and unlock your potential

    Yes? Then this course is for you.

15 mins Or less a day

14 sessions Relatable and easy to follow

Lifetime Of daily happiness

You Can Train Your Mind to be Stronger

What if you could pinpoint precisely where your mental struggles stem from and then learn evidence-based skills to unwind them? What if you could rewire your mind to be more at peace, more resilient, more joyful, and more fearless?

Using cutting-edge science and ancient meditation techniques, you’ll discover the tools and practices to grow deep and lasting inner strength.

Invest 15 minutes a day for 2 weeks

Emerge feeling empowered, rejuvenated, and armed with powerful skills that will last a lifetime.

The state of your mind is a reflection of the quality of your life. In two weeks, you will learn step-by-step how to train your mind to be more positive, more flexible, more steady, and more strong.

Each day, you’ll unlock a new practice to shift your way of thinking while increasing your ability to feel more purpose, passion, and meaning in your life.

Take the first step on your journey to being mentally stronger

15 Minutes a Day to a Healthier, Happier You

Here are some of what you’ll learn:

  • How to release negativity and hardwire your mind to be happier.
  • A four-step process to handle any crisis or big challenge in your life.
  • How to ‘find your center’ and be more calm, clear-headed, and wise in any situation.
  • How to become non-reactive.
  • How to regulate your emotions in healthy ways.
  • How to manage your thoughts in skillful ways.
  • How to let go of feeling unworthy and be more self-compassionate.
  • How to let go of fear and lead with love.

Start this course and soon you’ll discover

The first 12 sessions:

Day 1: Finding Your Center

Learn how to 'find your center' and tap into inner strength and mental clarity.

Day 2: Taming The Human Mind

Discover why the human mind is a double-edged sword and learn to work with it more skillfully.

Day 3: Making Empowering Meanings

Redefine the quality of your life, and bolster your mental strength by changing the meanings you're making.

Day 4: Unwinding The Inner Critic

Re-train the voice of the inner critic so it becomes an ally instead of an enemy.

Day 5: Freedom From Negativity

Learn how to counteract the mind's negativity bias and become more joyful.

Day 6: Unhook From Unhelpful Thoughts

Unhook from unhelpful thoughts with this simple, fun, and playful practice.

Day 7: Become Non-Reactive

Learn how to become non-reactive with the 'name it to tame it' practice.

Day 8: Asking Better Questions

Control the focus of your mind by learning to ask yourself better questions.

Day 9: Sowing Seeds and Pulling Weeds

Learn to cultivate mental strength by growing the good in your mind.

Day 10: Dealing With Difficult Emotions

Discover how to skillfully navigate difficult emotions.

Day 11: Rising to Challenges

Learn a four-step process for responding effectively to any crisis or challenge.

Day 12: How to Rise Above Fear

Learn how to work with the mind's two primal fears so they no longer define you.

Meet Your Teacher

Melli O’Brien is a speaker, writer, mindfulness teacher, and the co-founder and co-host of Mindfulness.com. She is also the co-founder and host of ‘The Mindfulness Summit,’ the world’s largest mindfulness conference.

Known for her down-to-earth, engaging, and authentic teaching style, Melli has guided thousands of people through retreats and courses over the last decade, and the readership of her blog on mindful living, MrsMindfulness.com, is over 200,000 people.

Kind Words From Happier Participants

Leah Jolliot

Amazing, accessible, and warming experience. Thank you Melli.

Deborah UK

Great meditations that have a calming effect. Melli's voice is soothing.

Adrienne James

Melli has a beautiful way of guiding and reminding us of finding the stillness within.

Are You Ready to Say Yes to a Little More Mental Strength?

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