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Are You Addicted to Drama?

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Hi, welcome back to

your Daily Mindfulness.

In today's session, we're going to

talk about our relationship to drama.

So here's a question.

In what ways are you addicted to drama?

How would your mind fare in

the absence of drama and the

stillness you find in its place?

Do you know what it's like to experience

fulfillment separate from the contraction

and release that day-to-day drama creates?

You know, we say we hate

drama, but do we really?

We hate the drama of politics.

But is there not also a part of us

that likes having someone to resent?

A provocative tweet that makes

us gasp in shock and awe.

We hate the drama of

maybe our relationship.

But is there not also a part of us

that kind of likes being righteous or

angry and activated, followed by the

connection and resolution and ease

that can ensue after those moments?

We hate the drama of our workplace.

But is there not also a part of us that

finds some satisfaction in gossiping about

our out- of- touch coworker or secretly

getting excited watching the tense

dynamic between two colleagues play out?

Is it possible that the thing we most

announce, drama, the thing we most hate

is also the thing we're most addicted to?

The thing we subconsciously crave.

Who would we be without this drama?

What would we need to face in our life?

Is there a boredom in stillness

that actually terrifies us?

Do we know what peace looks like

beyond the momentary satisfaction

of tension and release?

We say we want freedom and contentment,

but on another level, do we really?

Have we really looked closely

at what we need to let go of?

There is of course fulfillment beyond the

drama, but to get there requires first

having an honest conversation about our

relationship to the drama of our life,

and to see that many of us are complicit

in a very innocent way in perpetuating a

dynamic that we simultaneously condemn.

I certainly know I am.

Perhaps a first step is enjoying

our relationship to drama.

If we're doing it anyway, might as well

having an honest relationship to it.

Let ourselves relish it.

Mmm tension or excitement or

chaos or uncertainty, or what

are they going to say next.

The release that comes with

it when there is resolution.

Letting ourselves just like

actually indulge in it.

What this does is it, it brings

our shadow into the light.

It lets it dance where it can be seen,

lets it play out this number until

something in it completes and it's

ready for a new song, a new dance.

That's how we actually move into

feeling a healthy relationship to

fulfillment and ease and contentment

rather than telling us a story that

we don't actually like something

that we might actually still like.

And for some of us, maybe we are

truly ready to move beyond drama.

But I think a lot of us, it's still

an interesting relationship and

it's nothing to have shame around.

But to continue to have an honest

conversation toward it which is really at

the heart of this practice of mindfulness,

waking up to all the different truths and

layers that come with being a human being.

So thank you for your practice.

Thanks for having this

inquiry with yourself.

And let's settle in

for today's meditation.

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