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Hey, welcome to the final day of

our seven day meditation challenge.

It's been such a joy to walk

you through this journey.

And over the last six days, we've

really gotten to explore a lot of

different practices related to your

own well-being, navigating stress,

difficult thoughts and all just the,

the general agitation and chaos that

can come with being a human being.

There's been a lot of emphasis on you.

And sometimes that can feel

self-oriented, as if like, you

know, what about other people?

What about other beings?

And we take the perspective that

in order to be a positive force in

the, in the world, you need to also

be a positive force for yourself.

In order to show up fully for

other people, you need to be

showing up fully for yourself.

You need to know how to work with your own

thoughts, your emotions, your sensations.

Otherwise you'll, you'll get depleted.

And so in case there was any sense

that, you know, this feels a little

selfish, know that, that self care as

Parker Palmer said is never selfish.

It's good stewardship of the only

gift we have, this gift we were

put on earth to offer others.

And any time you take care of

yourself, you do it not just for

yourself, but for the many others

whose lives you aim to serve.

But with that said, once we start to

fill ourselves up, it's as if the

cup organically starts overflowing

and, and we want to give more and

we have the capacity to give more.

And so today we're going to talk

specifically about what it's like to move

toward other people, and specifically

their, their pain and their suffering,

holding space for that so that we can

be a more empowered source in the world.

And we'll explore this through

a practice called tonglen.

It's a Tibetan meditation practice that

often translates as sending and taking.

What it involves is breathing in.

While you're breathing in, you imagine

that you're taking in the pain and

the suffering of another person.

So you're breathing it in.

And then when it's inside, you imagine

that you're transforming it into something

nourishing, positive, empowering.

And on the exhale, you imagine

sending this out to the person.

Now it doesn't need to just be a person.

It could be a being, an animal a

population of people or the planet.

But the idea is you're

moving toward suffering.

You're taking it in.

You're saying, I can hold this.

I choose to hold this.

And then you imagine transforming

it so that you can offer

something out more purposeful.

Now, is there anything happening

on a metaphysical level?

Meaning, like are we actually impacting

this other person's suffering by

imagining that we're breathing

it in and sending something out?

I don't know.

People would debate

different things on this.

But what I can say for sure is that

when I do this practice, and when I know

others who do this practice, what, what

everyone seems to say is that there's

something really empowering about choosing

to move toward another person's pain,

choosing to show up for it, to hold

it, and then offer something back out.

And I find after doing that session, that

I'm a better force for other people's

pain in the world in my day-to-day life.

I feel more empowered to, to hold

the suffering, to stay present

to the suffering that, that is

there, to stay present to the

fullness of the human condition.

And we could say that the world's

condition, which has a lot of joy,

but it also has a lot of sorrow.

And how can we build ourselves

up in such a way that we can,

we can hold the whole thing?

Cause that's what

mindfulness is all about.

And that's what living a full

life is really all about.

And so this practice starts to develop

that container in a significant

way, and we're going to go through

it in the meditation practice.

But I just wanted to give you a preview of

what that's like and what it might be like

to take that orientation in your life.

To lean into suffering, uh, even when

it feels uncomfortable, to manage

your own boundaries for sure, but

to say, I'm going to go toward this

and hold it with this person and

then try to offer something out more

positive, more, that's more empowering.

This can happen as a visualization

reflection as well do in the

meditation, or it can happen more

tangibly as you go throughout your day.

So let's just take one more deep

breath together before we close.

All right.

So breathing in through the nose.

And out through the mouth.


It's been such a joy to spend

these seven days with you.

Um, we've explored a

lot of different topics.

And Melli and I had, uh, there was

a lot of excitement and a lot of fun

putting this together, this experience.

Um and we, we hope that

it doesn't end here.

If you're not yet in the Mindfulness.com

app, we really encourage you to explore

it because if you've been enjoying these

videos and these meditations, you can

get that everyday, basically forever.

Cause that's the main thing we

offer@mindfulness.com, a daily video,

and a daily meditation, just like

you've gotten to experience here.

So it doesn't need to end.

And there's also a library with all

these other courses and meditations and

sleep meditations for you to go deeper.

But if this is the end and our time,

you know, finishes here during these

seven days, we really wish you well.

And we hope that there's something

here, hopefully more than a handful

of things, that you can bring into

your life to, to positively impact

your present and your future.

It's been such a joy to be with you.

And as always, we'll transition this

video and settle in for our meditation.

Talk to you soon and take care.

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