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Life Is the Practice

Melli O'Brien



Melli O'Brien



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Life Is the Practice

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Hi, and welcome to your Daily Mindfulness.

Today I'm going to talk about how

life is our true mindfulness practice.

So although we often refer to mindfulness

as a practice, it really is much more

accurate to describe it as a way of

living our lives with more awareness,

and with more awareness comes less

reactivity and less suffering and

more wisdom, kindness and calm.

With awareness comes the ability to

live our lives more intentionally.

And with awareness comes a sense

of wholeness, connectedness, and

happiness that starts to grow inside

of you and can be carried with you

through the ups and downs of life.

Now in our modern world, in our school

systems, in our workplaces and in our

culture in general, there's really

not much emphasis on the importance of

awareness, the importance of mindfulness.

In our schools and our culture

in general, the emphasis is

much more on doing than being.

And far too often, we get lost in doing to

the point of being stressed, overwhelmed,

and maybe even depressed or anxious.

When our doing is divorced from

the domain of being, we often find

ourselves being kind of pushed through

our lives by the momentum of the

modern world, without stopping for

long enough to pause and take stock.

Without awareness, we become more

reactive, more lost in autopilot

mode, more disconnected from

ourselves and the life all around us.

We become more disconnected

from our moments.

And in that scenario, it's really

easy to lose sight of the big picture

of what really matters in our lives.

Without awareness, we can so easily

fall into old conditioned patterns

of belief and behavior that really

may not serve us, may not be actually

making us happy or healthy, and may

even lead us, as a species, down

a path that is very unwise indeed.

Maybe even threatening our

own existence on this planet.

So mindful living is this waking

up and reclaiming of our awareness

so that we can live our lives more

deliberately, more joyfully, more

harmoniously and more passionately.

So we can become a locus of wisdom

and sanity and kindness in the world.

If we think that the practice ends

when we get up from meditation, then

we're really sort of missing the

most important part of the practice.

The practice is our lives.

Our life is the practice.

so in a moment to pause and every now and

then, and stop ourselves from speaking

harsh words, that's the practice.

Taking a mindful breath to soothe

ourselves when we're feeling

stressed, that's the practice.

Giving ourselves compassion when

we're hurting, that's the practice.

Being non-reactive, that's the practice.

Acting with generosity, kindness

and wisdom is the practice.

So mindfulness, isn't something

that we only do during meditation.

We can access it in any

moment of our lives.

It's always as close as

just one mindful breath.

So see if you can remember

to take a few of those today.

And let's all settle in now for today's

meditation together, but let's also

make a shared intention that when we

get up from the cushion or the couch

that we keep carrying this awareness

with us into the rest of our day.

So as always thank you for your

practice and your presence here

with us, and let's settle in.

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