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New Year's Special: Who Loved You Into Being

Melli O'Brien



Melli O'Brien



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New Year's Special: Who Loved You Into Being

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Hi, and welcome to your Daily

Mindfulness and welcome to a new year.

Today, we're going to ring in

the new year with a contemplation

on who loved you into being.

To explain what I mean by that

I have to tell you a story.

It's a story about Mr.


So, if you haven't heard of him,

Fred Rogers was a television

host and a children's advocate.

He was also a Presbyterian minister

and a deeply spiritual and humble

man, a very unassuming man.

In 1997, Rogers accepted an

Emmy for lifetime achievement.

Now this very plainly dressed man

took the stage for his acceptance

speech in front of a whole of movie

stars, celebrities and models.

All of whom were very

glamorously dressed up.

He stood up there and gently looked

out at the crowd and said, "I'm

so grateful for everyone who loved

me into being who I am today.

All of us have special ones who've

loved us into being," he said, "Would

you just take along with me ten

seconds to think about all the people

who've helped you become who you are.

Ten seconds of silence."

Then he lifted his wrist,

looked at the audience.

"Don't worry.

I'll keep time."

Now at first there were a few

giggles in the audience as people

kind of realized he wasn't kidding.

And then people actually paused

to contemplate this, all the loved

ones who had supported them and

encouraged them along their journey.

And you could really feel this

palpable shift of energy in the room.

Some people began to smile.

Others started to cry.

And, you know, I think what this shows

me, what this reminds me is that we often

overlook all the love we've received.

But today I'm going to extend Mr.

Rogers' invitation to us all.

And I'm going to just invite you now

to take a few moments, eyes closed or

eyes open, to contemplate all the people

who have loved you into being, all the

people who've cared about you and wanted

what was best for you in your life.

And we've all had darker

days in our lives.

And in those moments, if we're

one of the fortunate ones, we had

someone who showed up to support us

in some way, offer us a lifeline.

Maybe they gave us a shoulder

to cry on, a hug, a kind word.

Maybe they just sat with us,

cried with us, or just listened.

And think of the times when

our loved ones celebrated us,

birthdays, moments of success.

The times when people encouraged us

to go for our dreams, supported us or

uplifted our confidence with compliments.

And think of the teachers, the trainers,

the coaches, the guardians, the parents,

brothers, sisters, partners, and friends

who all helped us become who we are today.

Thinking about how they inspired us,

offered us kindness, walked beside

us through the ups and downs of life.

No, they weren't perfect.

They probably made all kinds

of mistakes along the way.

But just taking a moment here to

honor the contribution they made to

your life and allow that memory to

fill you with love and gratitude.

Just allowing yourself to

feel how loved you have been.

And feeling gratitude for all

of those who've stood by you.

Sometimes there may have even been

moments of kindness and support

from total strangers in your life.

And now just taking some moments here to

really tune into that sense of gratitude

for anyone else who supported you in your

life, past, present, or future to come.

Colleagues, employers, mentors,

even pets who've been by your side.

Just taking these final moments.

And now relaxing your attention and just

kind of noticing how it feels to tap

into this sense of love and gratitude.

And I would also like to take this

moment to thank you for the love

that you've shared with others.

The kindness that you've given, the

support you've given, the times when you

felt like you had nothing left in the

tank and then you gave a little bit more.

And more than anything I'd like to thank

you for your practice and for your efforts

to become a more wise, compassionate,

brave, and healthy person in the midst

of a very challenging time in the world.

So a deep bow to you.

And we all look forward to

sharing the year ahead with you.

So from everyone at Mindfulness.com,

thank you for your practice.

And let's settle in

for today's meditation.

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