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The Beauty in the End

Melli O'Brien



Melli O'Brien



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The Beauty in the End

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Hi, and welcome to your Daily Mindfulness.

Today I'm going to talk about

the beauty of impermanence.

So it's really natural for the

human mind to desire for things

to be stable and permanent.

So to see that everything is

changing, an impermanent is not

always an easy pill to swallow.

But there is a really great wisdom

in having a clear recognition that

everything is fleeting and changing.

The flower blooming in the vase

today will wilt and decompose.

The sun that's warming and sustaining

our planet will one day grow cold.

We are born and one day we will pass away.

Nothing is forever.

This is the bittersweet truth

that permeates the universe.

Now it's understandable to feel a

little bit of fear or sadness in the

face of impermanence, but there's

also an incredible amount of richness

and beauty available to us if we

can accept and even embrace it.

And we can actually let go of a lot of

suffering and fear by learning to roll

with impermanence instead of resisting it.

And we can even learn to embrace

wholeheartedly the magic.

And the wonder of it.

Because if you think about it, it's

only because things end that we

understand the preciousness of them.

You know, when moved by the beauty

of a sunset as it falls below the

horizon of another day of our life.

We savor the spring flowers

because we know that they're

one day going to be gone.

We aim to make the most of our lives

because on some level, whether it's

conscious or unconscious, we know that

we're not going to be here forever.

So when we stay in touch with the fact

that everything and everyone that we

see all around us will one day be gone,

we're much more likely to appreciate

and fully be present for the moment

to moment experience of our lives.

And mindfulness invites us to gently

soften our fear and resistance to change

and find acceptance and harmony with

the ever changing nature of things.

So my invitation for you today is to

see if you can bring more acceptance

to the changing nature of life.

See if it's possible to soften clinging

and resistance and open up to an

appreciation of the mystery of each

person, each experience, and each moment.

Embracing impermanence in this way,

we open ourselves more fully and

deeply to life and find new levels

of meaning and magic in our lives.

As Mary Oliver in her poem, Blackwater

Woods says, "To live in this world

you must be able to do three things,

to love what is mortal; to hold it

against your bones knowing your life

depends on it; and, when the time

comes to let it go, to let it go."

I wish you well with this practice today.

And now just inviting you to

settle in for today's meditation.

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