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The Problem Is the Portal

Melli O'Brien



Melli O'Brien



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The Problem Is the Portal

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Hi, and welcome to your Daily Mindfulness.

So there's a famous quote you

might've heard by the poet Rumi.

The wound is the place

where the light enters.

So this quite beautifully captures the

potential we all have to use moments

of difficulty and suffering to propel

our awakening and our personal growth.

You know, as much as we may not

like this, none of us are immune

to the speed bumps of life.

You know, we have heartbreaks,

we have health problems, failures

and financial losses, and we have

wounds and we have weaknesses.

And all of this is just part of this

beautiful, messy thing we call human life.

But what you do with the challenges

and problems that you face when

they arise, will determine whether

you come out the other side feeling

diminished and discouraged or emerge

with more wisdom inner strength

and presence than ever before.

So what I've discovered is that as

long as you remember these two key

principles I'm going to share with you,

your problems can become portals to a

more rich, full and meaningful life.

So the first principle is to reframe.

So you can reframe the way you view

your difficulties and problems.

You know so often when life doesn't

match our idea of how we think

it should be, we feel that life

itself is somehow going wrong.

You know, we don't want what is

happening and that resistance that

we have to, what is then generate

fear, stress, and suffering.

So our problem kind of becomes this

enemy that we want to get rid of,

but I invite you to examine this kind

of basic assumption that life should

always be comfortable and pleasant and

turn out the way that we want it to.

Because that one assumption I see

causing endless suffering for people.

Instead, I invite you to see your times

of struggle as quite a natural and normal

and inevitable part of being human.

Now, this is not to diminish in any

way, the reality of the pain you might

be going through, but rather it's

just to kind of open us up to the

fact that pain and difficulty happen

to all of us on this human journey.

So the second principle is to turn towards

what's happening rather than away from it.

So if we can develop our ability to

gently and compassionately turn towards

and reflect on our problems and pain as

they're happening, rather than avoiding

them and running from them, it leads to

rapid learning, growth and evolution.

So by facing our problems, we gather

more information about what's happening

and then we can respond more wisely.

So we can ask ourselves,

how can I grow through this?

What can I learn from

what's happening here?

And we can also reflect on who

we'd like to be in those hard

times, how we want to act.

Now most people do have a tough time

reflecting when they're right in the pain.

And sometimes that means they

miss out on the reflections

that, that could be provided, the

lessons that could be provided.

But if you can reflect what, if

you can reflect while you're in

a pain, that's great, but it's

often a little bit too much to ask.

If you can remember to reflect after

it passes, that's really valuable too.

The challenges you're going to

face can test and strengthen you.

And the more you learn and evolve

through them, the more effectively

you'll be able to work with

life's problems when they arise.

And eventually what once seemed impossible

to bear become simple and easful.

So by applying these two principles,

you can turn your deepest pain and your

biggest problems into your greatest source

of evolution, growth, and awakening.

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