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Why Living Your Values Leads to Fulfillment

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Hi, and welcome to your Daily Mindfulness.

Today I'm going to talk about

living from your values.

So we all have values.

They're as much a part of us as our

blood type or our genetic makeup.

They're also as unique to us

as our individual thumbprints.

Our core values determine what's really

important and meaningful to us in life.

So values are the qualities

that reflect who you are in your

deepest nature, not who you think

you should be in order to fit in.

And they're like a compass

that points to true North.

So think of it like this, when the way

that you think speak and behave matches

your values, then life feels really good.

You feel w,hole in your

element contentm in your power.

But when they don't align

with your personal values,

then things just feel uneasy.

You know, you tend to feel a bit out of

touch, out of alignment, discontented,

or unhappy with yourself and your life.

It's that feeling of something just not

sitting right or not feeling quite okay.

So I have a bit of challenge here in

today's Daily Mindfulness, because I

usually take people through a full day

process to get clear on their values, but

we can make a really simple start here

and start to get the gist of something.

So I'm going to invite you to bring to

mind right now, someone you really admire.

So this person could be

a fictional character.

It could be somebody that, you

know, somebody in the media,

they could be living right now

or they might've passed away.

So just seeing what person

brings to mind right now.

And don't overthink it too much.

And as you bring this person to mind,

just thinking about what qualities

that they have that you really admire.

Is it their bravery?

Is it their kindness, their honest?.

Is it their determination, their

playfulness, their passion for life?

Just taking a moment to ponder,

what are those qualities you admire.

So it's likely that would ever the

qualities of this person you admire are,

they're very close approximation to your

own values and what matters to you in

the way that you live your own life.

And the research from Martin Seligman

and other psychologists shows us that the

more you live in alignment with your own

values, the more you cultivate authentic

happiness and meaning in your life.

So every moment of every day, whether we

realize it or not, we're making decisions

on how we spend our time, what we pay

attention to, where we direct our energy.

And our values can be the guides

that when we're in alignment with

them will constantly be reflected

in the way that we choose to behave.

So today, as you go about your day, see

if you can keep in mind your values.

You might even like to write them down.

And that's a really handy thing to get

clear on because in this fast paced

world, around us, with all its demands and

influences, we can sometimes get pulled

off course from what our true values are.

But the more clearly we are about

who we are, what's right for us and

what matters deep down in our heart,

the more we can cultivate lasting

fulfillment and contentment in our lives.

So in today's meditation, we're

going to continue to focus on

this kind of intentional living.

So I invite you to settle in for that now.

And then as always thank you for your

practice and your presence here with us.

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