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Hi, welcome back to

your Daily Mindfulness.

In today's session, we're going to

talk about a way to simplify your life.

One could argue in each moment,

you have to make a decision.

We're receiving a lot of different data,

things that are happening around us,

things that we're feeling internally.

And it's always asking of us.

Do I agree with this?

Do I disagree with this?

What should I do in this moment?

And that can make life feel messy

and complicated, but I do believe

there's a way to simplify it.

In each moment, what if we

made our work to simply align

ourself with our yes and our no.

Align ourself with our yes and our no.

And that involves, in each moment,

checking in with us, seeing the, the

truth of what's being presented here.

Should I continue doing emails right now?

And we ask it to, to our

mind and to our body.

If we relax into that, ask that

question, see what feels true.

Something in me feels open.

The response is yes.

Something in me feels exhausted.

And the truth that's arising is no.

What would it be like to do that

in more moments throughout the day?

When we feel stuck, when we feel

like things are really complicated,

when we feel like the bigness of life

is just overwhelming us, to present

ourselves with the simple question of,

is this what I should do right now?

And then to see what arises?

Yes, no or I don't know.

And if it's an I don't know, then we have

to honor the truth of that in this moment.

And that requires patience, waiting,

until there is some clarity.

And if we don't have that clarity,

then we communicate this uncertainty

to the person or the, the group

of people, whoever's involved that

is requesting this sort of clarity.

All we can do is speak our

truth in any given moment.

All we can do is attune

to what is, what is here.

What are we feeling?

What are we noticing?

What is my yes?

What is my no?

And what is my I don't know?

And then be uncompromising in our

commitment to trusting that as

our compass for what to do next.

It's not easy.

This is a very simple thing to bypass.

And so many of us are

negotiating this intuition away.

Instead following someone else's

script or our past ideas of what we

should do and what we shouldn't do.

But the big work of mindfulness is not

just learning to notice your thoughts,

your emotions, your sensations, but

really feeling what feels true right now.

What is true right now and

aligning ourselves with it.

That's really what it

means to live in integrity.

And that's what it means to, to

trust your inner compass and be

uncompromising in your commitment to it.

So I hope this gives you something

to think about and hopefully it

also simplifies the moments of your

life - is this a yes, is this a

no, and is this an I don't know.

Try this out.

Integrate it into your practice

and thank you for your practice.

Let's settle on for today's meditation.

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