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Finding Happiness

A 10-day Mindfulness course created to help you build a healthy, simple practice for cultivating daily happiness—in 20 minutes a day or less.

Finding Happiness

A 10-day Mindfulness course created to help you build a healthy, simple practice for cultivating daily happiness—in 20 minutes a day or less.

Finally, Monks and Scientists Agree

“Happiness Is Something That Is Trainable.”

20 minutes

Or less a day

10 sessions

Relatable and easy to follow


Of daily happiness

Do You Often Find Yourself:

  1. Experiencing moments of inexplicable hopelessness or emptiness?
  2. Struggling with daily productivity and focus?
  3. Having a hard time settling into a restful night of sleep, absent of racing thoughts and concerns?
  4. Finding it difficult to laugh and smile, alone or with loved ones, at times?
  5. Doubting the possibility or right to feel genuine joy on a consistent basis?
  6. Wanting the tools to be a healthier, happier version of your current self?

It’s Possible: You Can Be Happy and Successful.

Imagine feeling free of the burden of frequent sadness and loneliness—and moving fully into the life you most want to live with authenticity and joy.

Using cutting-edge science, positive psychology, and ancient meditation techniques, you’ll discover the tools and practices you need to start living a truly happy life.

Time-Tested and Proven: Strategies That Work

Life will always continue to present obstacles—but that’s what helps us to grow. Every time we meet a new obstacle, we have a choice to go through them with our old habits and mindset, or instead, move forward with an intentional sense of peace and presence.

Each day, you’ll unlock a new perspective and practice to shift your way of thinking while increasing your ability to feel more positive and grow your toolkit for happiness.

Your Journey to Happiness Starts Here

20 Minutes a Day to a Healthier, Happier You

Here’s What’s Waiting Inside the Finding Happiness Course:

  1. The tools and techniques to experience joy in the present while building habits for long-lasting happiness.
  2. How authentic happiness is a full-body experience—and how to practice this each day.
  3. The power of focusing on feel-good practices to create the momentum of positive feelings.
  4. How to embody genuine happiness so that those around you take notice (and even mirror your positive behaviors and energy).
  5. Techniques to retrain your mind and body to experience the richness of life (even when it’s hard to recognize).

Start this course and you’ll discover:

Session 1: Permission to Be Happy

Your happiness road trip starts with permission to get in the car and drive toward a happy life.

Session 2: You Always Have a Choice

We’ll explore your ability to choose your response in each moment, and how this choice determines your present and future happiness.

Session 3: Self-Acceptance Is the Key

Accepting ourselves for who we are is essential to be truly happy. You’ll become your own best friend.

Session 4: Hunt the Good

What we focus on impacts our experience. We’ll practice directing our attention towards the good, so we can feel fulfilled here and now.

Session 5: Practice Feeling Happy

We'll practice feeling the emotions of happiness—remembering that happiness is a full-body experience.

Session 6: Focus on Your Strengths

We'll discuss the science of focusing on strengths versus weaknesses and why it’s the unexpected ally to a happy life.

Session 7: Happiness Mindset

We'll practice adopting a happiness mindset that helps us with everything in life as an opportunity for growth, insights, and fulfillment.

Session 8: Kindness—Your Happiness Superpower

We'll turn our attention outwardly to discuss the science of kindness and why it’s essential for our personal well-being.

Session 9: Sympathetic Joy

We'll practice celebrating in the joy of others. With this mindset shift, we give ourselves more chances for lasting happiness.

Session 10: Your Happiness Legacy

We'll explore the question, “How do I want to be remembered?” and how it can guide our life with purpose and meaning in the present.

Meet Your Teacher

Cory is an international speaker and teacher on the topics of mindfulness and positive psychology. He’s passionate about helping people find real peace. He believes when we are deeply fulfilled, we’re a better force in the world for other beings, the environment, and our communities.

Kind Words From Happier, Healthier Meditators...

Cory Muscara is a wonderful guide to bring you on your own journey through meditation and mindfulness. He is excellent at covering all the bases and doing it in a way to make it easy. Highly recommend.


I LOVE the layout of the mindfulness app and the daily meditations recommended for you! Most of all I highly recommend Cory’s 10 day happiness course in the app. I did this when I was going through a really painful personal experience and this course helped me see things from a new perspective. I really can’t put into words the impact it had on me ~ I have done the 10 day course again and again - and will keep coming back to this course through testing times, thank you so much Cory!!!


Absolutely loved Cory’s Finding Happiness and Melli’s Basics of Mindfulness courses. Thank you so much. Will probably need to repeat them to reinforce the learning but they were amazing and very thought provoking. Well done guys!!

Norma no mates

Cory is a master at teaching, presenting, and leading us toward and through the wisdom and practices in these and all of his other programs. Each is kept simple, focused, and thoughtfully and humanly communicated so as to be absorbed and “metabolized” by each of us to the extent of our individual abilities and aspirations.

Pumpkin Hollow Vet

Relaxing and assuring beyond description... thank you, Cory.


I have really enjoyed the app and I love how the meditations are backed by science. I particularly enjoyed the course on happiness and have started delving into my character strengths and exploring them further. I love how the app gives me pointers of new things to explore.


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