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Visualize High Performance

Rich Fernandez






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Visualize High Performance

This meditation will guide you through a process of visualizing high performance as a way to build the mental habits of success.

Hello and welcome to today's

meditation on visualizing success.

As the saying goes, if you can see it in

your mind, you will hold it in your hand.

Success achieved out there in

the world, starts with belief

and clarity within your own self.

One way to arrive at this clarity is

through the process of visualization.

Visualization is a powerful tool used by

many successful people across the globe.

Elite athletes, for example, not only

focus on their physical training,

but also their mental training.

They train to see themselves winning

the race, scoring the goal, or making

the run in their mind over and over and

over again before doing it in real life.

Many successful business people say

that at some point in their lives, they

could clearly see themselves creating

a business in their space or playing

a significant role in their field.

Visualization allows you to mentally and

emotionally prepare for a desired outcome.

So let's begin this reflective practice.

In coming to this practice, I'd invite

you to first become aware of your posture.

Perhaps establishing the way you're

sitting or standing, or even lying

down in a way that embodies a

quality of alertness, awakeness.

But at the same time, is

relaxed, comfortable, at ease.

Becoming aware of your body in this way.

And also becoming aware of your breath.

The in-breaths and the out-breaths.

Inhalations and the exhalations.

This full cycle of breathing.

Connecting with the breath in this

moment as a way to ground yourself

and become fully present and focused

as we begin this visualization.

Visualization tends to be

easier with your eyes closed.

So allowing the eyes to gently

close or simply softening the visual

field, if that's more comfortable.

Perhaps gazing downward

and softening your focus.

And now I want to invite you to

consider and to visualize the following.

If everything in my life or work,

starting today, meets or exceeds my most

optimistic expectations, what will my

life or work look like a year from now?

If everything in my life or work,

starting today, meets or exceeds my most

optimistic expectations, what will my

life or work look like a year from now?

If you like, you can also extend

that to two years or three or

five, whatever works best for you.

But the reflection is, if everything

in my life for work, starting today,

meets or exceeds my most optimistic

expectations, what will my life

or work look like a year from now?

Or two or three or five?

Or whatever amount of time suits you.

But for now, let's go with a year.

See yourself a year from now, or

however long you believe you'll need.

See yourself being successful in all those

domains which you consider important.

Now zoom in closer.

Seeing with vividness.

Where are you?

What are you doing?

Who is with you?

What have you accomplished or achieved?

It's important to visualize

these wonderful outcomes as

if they've already happened.

Our hearts and minds will

often live the future.

We are expecting according to

neuroscientists, Regina poly, as

our minds and bodies set in motion,

quote, the perceptions, behaviors,

emotions, physiological responses,

and interpersonal ways of relating

that best fit with what is predict.

So predict for yourself success if your

life or work, starting today, meets or

exceeds your most optimistic expectations.

So with that in mind, let's reflect again.

If everything in my life or work,

starting today, meets or exceeds my most

optimistic expectations, what will my

life or work be like a year from now?

Or however long you think you

will need to be successful.

And now visualizing that outcome

as if it's already happened.

How does it feel to be

living this successful life?

Notice how you feel in

your body as you do this.

Deepen into your experience

as you visualize this.

Feeling, the energy of this successful

outcome flow through you in this moment.

Expand now this image of

success in your mind's eye.

Expand it further.

Notice as well now, the nature and

quality of your relationships with others.

How does it feel to be connected

with others in this state of success?

Next, expanding the image

further in your mind's eye.

What's your relationship

with your environment?

Take note of your surroundings.

What's it like to be in this place,

in this space in which your life

and work has met or exceeded your

most optimistic expectations?

And one last time expanding the image

in your mind's eye one step further.

What's your relationship to the world?

If your life or work, starting today,

meets or exceeds your most optimistic

expectations, how are you in the world?

And what's your relationship

to the world in which you're

inhabiting in this state of success?

And now as you come back to yourself, as

you are in this moment, in this time and

place, I'd invite you to take a moment to

signal gratitude for the success you've

already envisioned in your mind's eye.

Offering gratitude for the success

that you envision for yourself.

Holding all of these possibilities

in your mind and heart, let's

now begin to end this practice.

I'd invite you to take now three

slightly deeper breaths at your own pace.

Connecting with the breath.

Connecting with the

felt sense of your body.

And finally connecting

with the possibilities that

you have just envisioned.

That's our meditation

on visualizing success.

Thank you for your attention

and thank you for your practice.

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