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Clarify Your Goals

Rich Fernandez






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Clarify Your Goals

This meditation helps you gain clarity for where you want to direct your energy - including goal setting, values and setting intentions.

Hello and welcome.

This meditation session is designed

to help you clarify your goals.

To enable clarity in relation to your

goals, I'll be guiding you to reflect

on three core attributes - your

values, intentions, and aspirations.

So we can call this a via

meditation, V-I-A meditation,

on clarifying your goals.

Via for values, intentions,

and aspirations.

So let's get started.

I invite you now to find a way to

sit or stand or even lie down, if

you're lying down in a way that is

alert, but relaxed at the same time.

Whatever that means for you.

Becoming aware of your body.

And becoming aware of your breath.

Now let's start with

exploring your values.

Values, simply defined, are the

qualities that are most important to you.

For example, creativity or

wellbeing, or having meaningful work.

Whatever's most important for

you in life are your core values.

To identify and explore your values,

I encourage you to bring to mind a

person or persons that you admire.

It may be someone you know personally

or someone you used to know,

or perhaps it's someone famous.

It can even be a fictional character.

It could be a family member,

someone you've worked with.

Anything at all will do.

The important thing is that this is

somebody that you admire and respect.

So calling this person to mind.

Consider the key attributes

that they embody.

Something that they display that you find

admirable, or that you greatly value.

For example, it may be that

you've seen this person speak

up for what they believe in.

So you might consider the

key value here to be courage.

Or maybe this individual is always

available to offer help to those in need.

And so the value here is

compassion and kindness.

So just take a moment to consider

some of the key values that you

admire in this person or people.

Often, the values we admire in

others are those same values

that we aspire for in ourselves.

So turning your attention towards

yourself now, consider if the

values that you highlighted are,

in fact, your own personal values.

Perhaps asking yourself if these

values are the same ones that

you embody or that you aspire to

express more of in your own life.

And if that's not quite the case,

what are some of the values that you

aspire to express more of in your life?

What are some of those things

that are most important to you?

And note whatever emerges as you

moved through this reflection.

Now inviting your core values to

be your anchor point, as you move

towards reflecting on your goals.

So reflect for a moment.

How might I embody the values I hold to

meet the challenges, the opportunities,

or the obstacles that may come my way?

How might I embody the values I hold

to meet the challenges, opportunities,

or obstacles that may come my way?

Now as you hold these values in your

awareness, I invite you to shift

your attention to your intention.

Your intention to realize these

values as part of your daily life.

And what I mean by intention is your

innate capacity to harness and direct

your energy and effort at will.

So take a moment now to reflect on

where and how you might harness and

direct your energy and effort towards

living what's most important to you,

that is towards living your values.

How might you most skillfully respond

to what life is presenting you?

What intention might you set?

How might you harness and direct your

energy and effort to realize your values?

Taking a moment to reflect

and notice what emerges.

Now that you're clear on your values

and intentions, I'd invite you to

turn towards setting your aspirations.

An aspiration is something you wish to

accomplish in this phase of your life.

You can begin by asking

yourself, what matters most to

me at this stage in my life?

Next, you can also ask, where am I most

wanting to put my energy and see results


Where am I most wanting to

put my energy and see results?

Take a moment now to notice what

emerges when you pose these questions.

What matters most to me

at this stage in my life?

And, where am I most wanting to

put my energy and see results?

This aspiration rooted in your

values and intentions may be personal

or professional, big or small.

It's what you're hoping to manifest

in your life now and into the future.

This is what you hope for.

This is your goal.

Visualizing this goal with vividness

and clarity and holding it for a

moment in your mind and in your heart.

And now we'll bring this

practice to a close.

And I'd invite you to take three

slightly deeper breaths at your own pace.

And my hope, as we close this practice,

is that you have one small measure of

clarity on a goal you wish to achieve,

the values you will bring forth to

meet them, and the intention with

which you'll energize your efforts.

I wish you every success and

I thank you for your practice.

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