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Mental Strength Sounds Great but You Don’t Know My Mind - It’s Crazy in Here!

Melli O'Brien






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Mental Strength Sounds Great but You Don’t Know My Mind - It’s Crazy in Here!

We often feel so alone in our mental struggles; the reality is that we all have crazy minds.

On retreats and when I teach courses, when

I speak to people one-on-one, one of the

most common things that I hear from people

is, you know, mental strength sounds

really great, but you don't know my mind.

It's crazy in here.

I don't think it's ever possible

for me to be mentally strong.

So the first thing I want to say

is, okay, if I had a penny for

every time I heard something like

this, honestly, I'd be very wealthy.

Look, the first thing I want to

kind of I offer is, I've been there.

I know what it feels like to feel

like it's just not possible for you.

There was a time in my own

life where I was depressed.

I was really, really

suffering at that time.

I had an eating disorder and I

was really in such deep suffering

that I felt like it was hopeless.

Like nothing could help me, that, that

I was just kind of broken or abnormal.

I was just one of those people.

But I did eventually start to

learn how to let go of a lot of

the suffering and the unhelpful

patterns that were disempowering me.

And I learned to cultivate skills and

inner resources that pulled me through.

And eventually I went through quite

a radical transformation, quite

a radical inner transformation.

And it's this journey and this

transformation that I went through

that really fuels my passion

to share this work with others.

So I want to share that with you,

because I really want to assure you

that even though we often feel so alone

in our mental struggles, the reality

is that the stuff that's going on in

your crazy mind is just like the stuff

going on in all of our crazy minds.

The human mind has evolved in a way

that it, it really does create a

sense of inner struggle and suffering.

And so you're not alone in that, you know.

If that's what you're experiencing,

you're not alone in that.

And it's not your fault.

There's nothing wrong with you.

You just have a normal human mind.

Look, if your mind ruminates and

dwells on the negative, if you get

caught up in anxieties and worries, if

you compare yourself to other people

and end up feeling deficient and

unworthy, like you're never enough,

you're never measuring up, if you

never feel satisfied no matter what

you have, and if you get caught up in

bad habits and addictions, guess what?

You have a normal human mind.

And your struggles are the same

struggles we're all going through

in one way, shape or form.

So in the same way that each of us looks

different on the outside, you know, we

can recognize each other in a crowd.

You know, you know, your friend from the

guy down the road, we all look different.

But we all have the same anatomy

underneath those differences, right?

To the point to which, if you go to

a surgeon and you need a particular

surgery, he can be sure that he can

perform the same operation on you that he

can with any other human being, because

we have the same underlying anatomy.

It's the same with the mind.

We all have different personalities.

Every single one of us

is unique in that way.

But underneath, the mind has the

same basic anatomy within all of us.

It has the same operating

system, if you will.

So I want to assure you that no matter

where you're starting from or what it

is that you're struggling with, you

can train your mind to be stronger

with tried, tested and evidence-based

tools and skills, and you can start to

unwind anxiety, stress, low self-worth

and inner struggles step by step.

And that's what I'm sharing

with you in this course.

So by becoming mentally strong, you

can learn to gradually unlock your

potential, shed the stuff that's

holding you back and become more and

more the best version of yourself.

And yes, like anything in life,

it does take time and effort

to become mentally stronger.

But it may well be the best investment of

your time and effort that you ever make.

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