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We’re new and growing fast, and we’re always looking for good partners in our mission to make mindfulness accessible to as many people as possible, so that we can all be a creative force for good in the world. If you’d like to team up, we’d love to hear from you!

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Friends of Mindfulness.com

How we partner

Meaningful, creative, and authentic partnerships are what we aim for. Brands who share similar values are who we partner with. Opportunities can come from anywhere — but as a starting point, below are some of the ways we collaborate:

Creative Content Development

Generate videos, blogs, mindfulness content, and more.

Content Licensing

Share our extensive mindfulness resources with those you serve.

Marketing Campaigns

Promote and launch like-minded products and services.

Product Integration

Bring mindfulness into your ecosystem.

Loyalty and Rewards Programs

Show customers and clients how much you appreciate them.

B2B and Employee Benefits

Offer proven wellness benefits for those who make your business happen.

More than just meditation

Daily Video Coaching

Personalized daily mindfulness practice and meditation tailored to your needs!

New Meditations Every Day

Meditations to help you reduce stress, find calm, cultivate joy, and nurture self-compassion.

Tools For Better Sleep

Unwind with ease and enjoy a deep night’s rest.

Comprehensive Library

Access 300+ guided meditations, exclusive talks, and mindset-shifting courses.

Our Hosts

Cory Muscara is an international speaker and teacher on the topics of mindfulness and positive psychology. He’s passionate about helping people find real peace. He believes when we are deeply fulfilled, we’re a better force in the world for other beings, the environment, and our communities.

Melli O’Brien is a speaker, writer, mindfulness teacher and the co-founder and co-host of Mindfulness.com. She is also the co-founder and host of ‘The Mindfulness Summit’ the world’s largest mindfulness conference. The summit is a not-for-profit project which has so far raised $750,000 for mindfulness-based charities around the world.

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When We Work Together, We Can Do More

We believe that good partnerships amplify good work. That’s why we donate a portion of our revenue to non-profit organizations who are bringing mindfulness to people in need.

When We Work Together, We Can Do More

We believe that good partnerships amplify good work. That’s why we donate a portion of our revenue to non-profit organizations who are bringing mindfulness to people in need.

To date, we’ve donated over $750,000 to mindfulness nonprofits around the world including Holistic Life Foundation, Prisons Mindfulness Institute, and Mindfulness Without Borders.

Would you like to join us?

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Our Teachers

We only host the highest quality mindfulness teachers - and during 2022, these teachers will be adding courses, meditations and daily practices for you to enjoy.

Rhonda Magee

Rhonda V. Magee is an internationally-recognized thought and practice leader focused on integrating Mindfulness into Higher Education, Law and Social Justice.

Shamash Alidina

Shamash Alidina is the international bestselling author of Mindfulness for Dummies and The Mindful Way Through Stress.

Vidyamala Burch

Vidyamala Burch is a pioneering mindfulness teacher, author and leader in the field of mindfulness-based pain management.

Mark Coleman

Mark is a senior trainer for the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, developed at Google and a senior meditation teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center.

Kelly Boys

Kelly Boys is a pioneering mindfulness teacher specializing in trauma-sensitive mindfulness, emotional intelligence and body awareness.

Rich Fernandez

Rich Fernandez is a globally respected pioneer in bringing science-based mindfulness and emotional intelligence into companies including Facebook, SalesForce, LinkedIn, Ford and Google.

Think we’d make a good team?

Then let’s join forces to create a healthier, happier world together.

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