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Living With Change

Mark Coleman






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Living With Change

Every moment life is changing. In this practice, we turn out attention to the changing inner and outer landscape of experience as so learn to abide with a visceral understanding of the reality of change.

Beginning your meditation practice

by finding a comfortable posture

where you can sit relaxed yet

upright, grounded and alert.

Lowering the gaze or closing the eyes.

And attuning awareness

to sound, to hearing.

Where are the distanct sounds?

Near sounds?

The symphony of sounds?

No need to think about the source

of the sound nor visualize it.

Simply aware of the ebbing and

flowing of sounds, of silence.

Sounds appear and are known quite

effortlessly with mindful awareness.

So resting in this receptive

quality of attention, receiving

this changing soundscape.

We have sounds, and

silence between the sounds.

And with that same receptive attitude,

receiving the sensations of the body.

Sensations ceaselessly coming and going.

Sensations of touch, tingling,

vibration, movement, pulsing,and

energy, contraction and expansion.

Aware of this changing landscape

of body, moment by moment.

So to awareness of the

changing nature of breath.

No two breaths alike.

All of the myriad sensations of

the inhale, expansion, lifting.

And sensations changing with

the exhale, releasing, falling.

No two breaths the same.

No two moments the same.

Sounds appearing and disappearing.

Sensations ebbing and flowing.

Tied to breathing, moving in and out.

Aware of the fluctuation of

temperature, warmth, coolness.

The fleeting sense of smell.

Fragrance in the air as you inhale.

And transient quality of

taste in the mouth at times.

Resting in the stillness of awareness,

present to this flow of phenomenon.

At times aware of the

changing terrain of the heart.

Moods, emotions coming and going,

sometimes like mist or like storms.

Felt the sensation in the body.

At times aware of the

flickering of thoughts, images.

Thoughts, images coming

and going ceaselessly.

So too with sensation, sounds.

Attune to this waterfall of experience.

Sounds coming and going, sensations

ebbing an flowing, breath moving in

and out, moods, emotions, thoughts

and images appearing and disappearing.

Tune to this changing flow of

experience, moment by moment.

And as we bring the practice to a close,

noticing the influence of attending

to this changing nature of experience.

No two moments the same.

Ebbing and flowing of phenomena in our

experience, in the world around us.

Helps us understand more

deeply this truth of change.

So please enjoying your practice.

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