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Replay the Day

Cory Muscara






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Replay the Day

In this meditation, we'll replay the day from start to present, helping to process any events that weren't addressed, or consciously setting them aside until tomorrow.

Let's settle in so we can

wind down from the day.

If you haven't already done so,

you can find a comfortable posture,

perhaps sitting or lying down.

And if it feels okay to do

so, you can close your eyes.

We'll start by taking

a deep breath together.

In through the nose.

Slowly out through the mouth.

Inviting the jaw to relax.

Letting the shoulders be at ease.

And inviting the hands

and the belly to soften.

Remembering in this moment, there's no

place else you need to be, nothing else

you need to do, nothing you need to

accomplish, especially after a long day.

So see if you can give yourself

the permission to be here.

To help us do that, we'll take a few

moments to tune into the body breathing

as a way to anchor our attention and

connect to this moment of aliveness.

You may notice the mind swirling

with thoughts, from earlier

today or about tomorrow.

For right now, we just get to notice

those thoughts as mental activity.

Just a thought, just a little

flickering in the brain.

We don't have to get consumed by

it, overly identified with it.

Give it some soft awareness and then

bring that presence back to this breath.

Letting each inhale and exhale ground

you a little bit more deeply into

what's here right now, right now.

To help us let go of whatever's happened

today and to really unwind and ground

ourselves in this moment, we're going

to do something that might seem to

contradict the intention of being present.

We're going to actively reflect on

our day from the first moment you can

remember all the way up until now.

The reason for this is because we often

move through our moments so quickly

that we don't always get the chance

to process what happened in real time.

And so the mind can be subconsciously

ruminating about experiences that

it didn't feel complete with.

And so, as you replay the day, you're

just going through as many moments as

you can remember, moving through and

notice if there's anything that has

an emotional charge that comes up.

An event that happened,

something that feels unresolved.

And when you encounter that moment in your

reflection, take a breath, acknowledge

it, thank your mind for thinking about

something that might be important and

then let it know that for right now,

there's nothing we can do about it.

So let's let it go and we'll revisit

it if it's still important tomorrow.

So you can start this reflection now.

Just think to the earliest moment

of the day that you can remember.

And then visualize and feel yourself

moving through the moments of your day.

And it's okay to accelerate the process

so that this visualization can happen

over the course of a few minutes.

And with each passing stage of

reflection throughout the day,

just feel your body settling in

more, letting it go, releasing.

If at any point you get snagged and the

mind starts ruminating about something

that happened, take a breath, reground

yourself, thank your mind for thinking

about this and then let it know for

right now, there's nothing we can do.

It's okay to let go.

And we'll revisit it if it's

still important tomorrow.

And continue this reflection

until you come back to the present

moment where you are right now.

Taking a few more moments

to arrive into the present.

And now as you're here, notice

what it's like to feel the momentum

of the day, to let it exist as a

memory knowing that we can't change

anything about how the day unfolded.

It happened.

It's gone.

But we can meet this moment with

grounded-ness with equanimity,

with curiosity and with presence.

So see if you can relax into being here.

Grounding into your body.

Feeling where it makes contact

with the surface beneath you.

And remembering that this moment right

now is the beginning of the rest of your

evening and also the rest of your life.

So it's okay to let go for this evening,

to unwind and start fresh tomorrow.

We'll take one more deep breath

together before we close.

In through the nose.

Out through the mouth.

And if you're ready to do so, you

can reorient yourself back into this

space and invite your eyes to open.

Great job.

So as you continue to unwind

before sleep, take this time to

be grounded, to be present and to

be at ease in your mind and body.

Enjoy the rest of your

evening and take care.

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