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Making Mindful Eating a Way of Life

Learn five steps to make mindful eating a way of life for a more balanced, enjoyable, and healthy lifestyle.

Hi, and welcome to Day Seven

of the Mindful Eating course.

Today, we'll be exploring how to integrate

mindful eating into your daily life.

But to begin with, let's just take

a moment here to settle in and tune

into the body and the present moment.

So now settling into a comfortable

position for today's practice.

Allowing the eyes to lightly close.

And taking three deep, slow breaths.

So breathing in.

And breathing out.

And then taking two more breaths

like that in your own time.

Allowing the body to settle.

Allowing the mind to

relax into this moment.

And now just letting go of

any control of the breathing.

And feeling the natural

flow of each breath.

As the breath flows in.

As the breath flows out.

Allowing the sensations of the breath

to be center stage in your awareness.

Arriving right here and now.

Feeling the breath in the body.

And letting everything else drop

back into the wings for a while.

And as you feel the breath, just noting

how the body is breathing for you.

It's been doing so since

the day you were born.

So perhaps having a feeling of gratitude

towards the body for its ongoing support.

And now beginning to tune into body

sensations and noticing any feelings of

hunger or fullness in the body right now.

Maybe even taking note of where you

are on the hunger-fullness scale.

A one is ravenous.

Five is neutral.

Ten is really over full.

So just noting, where would you say

you are on that scale right now.

And noticing any emotions

that might be present.

And there's no need to judge them.

Just meeting them with curiosity,

awareness, and compassion.

Just allowing them to be here.

And now noticing the position of the legs.

The torso..

The arms and hands.

The head.

The whole body.

So having a sense now of the

whole body sitting here breathing.

This body that has been keeping you alive.

Allowing you to sense and experience the

world, the life within and all around you.

And then when you're ready,

take another deep breath in.

And as you breathe out, if

you care to, opening the eyes.

And just noticing how you feel

after taking a little bit of time

out to tune into your body, your

senses and the present moment.

So today I'm going to talk about

how we can bring everything that

we've been learning together.

And to do that we can use the wheel

of integration to make mindful

eating a part of daily living.

We can continue to bring awareness into

the way we eat and treat our bodies in

a virtuous cycle with five basic steps.

Step one, whenever you feel the urge

to eat, take a deep breath, tune

into your body, and notice where you

are on the hunger-fullness scale.

Step two, if you're not physically

hungry, but have an urge to eat for

another reason, such as emotional

eating, triggered eating, or

another reason, try urge surfing.

Bring awareness and compassion to

the urge, let it arise and pass,

and then make a conscious choice

about whether to eat or not.

Step three, slow down and savor your food.

As much as possible, be present

and attuned to your senses as

you eat and enjoy every bite.

Step four, when you're eating,

tune into the satisfaction point.

You might like to put a speed bump into

your meal as a reminder to check in.

If you overeat, simply learn from it.

Remember the aim is to

feel good after each meal.

And step five, finally,

befriend your body.

Whenever you find your inner critic

coming online, just note to yourself,

just thinking, and then bring the

focus back to mentally naming something

you're grateful for about your body.

So with these five steps, it forms a,

a cycle or a wheel that you can repeat

again and again, throughout daily life.

And each time you repeat this

wheel of integration, it deepens

your awareness, harmonizes your

relationship with food, and helps you

live a more happy and healthy life.

More congratulations for completing

the mindful eating course.

You've taken the time to develop

really valuable skills in bringing

about more self-awareness, more

self-compassion, and more wisdom

into the way you eat and the way you

treat your body and live your life.

I hope these practices support

you in bringing more fulfillment,

meaning and enjoyment into your life.

Thank you for your practice and take care.

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